Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have known for some time that I need to lose weight. Not only for my self esteem, but for my health as well. I am not motivated to share that number that haunts me every time I step on the scale, but I am willing to say I need to lose between 30-35 pounds to find myself in an ideal and healthy BMI range. The thing is, I have tried to do it on my own-to no avail. I need help. I need motivation and so I need to share my triumphs and my setbacks here where I know I am accountable to a reader.
I know this is a blog for my writing, but let's face it, if I am too out of shape to workout, I will be too tired to write. For a long time I have been putting writing before working out. Who knows maybe one day I will go back to that, but for now, I think my health needs to be the number one priority. So my goal for the following week is to do a workout everyday before I even turn on the computer.
I want to post a goal for each week and I will report back to say how effective it was.Feel free to share any tips that have helped you, any goals you have for your own healthy weight loss, and any yummy recipes that promote healthy foods. I need the motivation and I hope this will help!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Angel on Main Street Blog Tour

Hey everyone! Life has been crazy with school and National Novel Writer's Month in full swing, but I wanted to take a break to share about a great new book I read just in time for the Holidays!

AN ANGEL ON MAIN STREET by Kathi Oram Peterson is the story of eleven year old Micah Conners who has moved with his mom and his little sister, Annie to a new town following the death of his father in the Korean War. His mom is hoping to give Micah a new start in this small town, away from the influence of gambling that had gotten him in trouble in the big city. But old habits are not always easy to steer clear of, and when the sheriff finds Micah with a pain of dice and no way to explain it he decides to help set Micah straight. The problem is, Micah doesn't want help. He doesn't want the sheriff hanging around when his only goal this Christmas is to steal the baby Jesus from the mysterious manger that pops up in the middle of town. He truly believes that this is the only way to save his little sister from dying. With the help of a small community, a loving family, and maybe an angel or two, Micah learns that miracles can happen.

This was a sweet, fun read, that had me laughing and crying. It was the perfect book to fill the space that sometimes gets overlooked as the busy holiday season starts. I got a chance to ask a few questions of the author and here is what she had to say:

Me: You grew up in a small Idaho town. How much did that inspire this story, the characters, and the setting?

Kathi Oram Peterson: My upbringing inspired the story immensely. Let me give you a few examples. My father owned a store on Main Street and my family lived in the apartment above. When I was only five, my mother had a heart attack while washing my hair. I remember calling to her, hair dripping, wondering what was wrong. I remember watching my father carry her down the apartment stairs to the car that took her to the hospital. I was very frightened I would never see her again. Many times I would stare down on the street below from our apartment wondering if she would be all right. My father worked part-time for the police department. I often went with him at night as he checked store doors, making certain they were locked. If you've read my book, you can see how I used memories of these experiences and morphed them into events and characters in my book. The characters are not based on one person, but a collection of people--real and fictional. The setting--my hometown of Rigby--was a great influence of good for this book.

Me: This book is about miracles. Have there been any miracles in your life that helped with or prompted this story idea?

KOP: I remember once talking with a friend of mine who said she didn't believe in miracles. I felt sorry for her. Miracles are all around us, but not everyone sees them. Yes, I've had miracles in my life. I keep them close to my heart. However, the miracle in my book was inspired by my mother. As I mentioned before when I was little she suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital for many weeks. When she came home she shared with our family a very sacred experience, which left no doubt in her mind or ours that there was life after death.

Me: You got an English Degree from the University of Utah. I have recently gone back to school and am debating different degrees. Do you think an English degree helped or hindered your writing? Why?

KOP: Good for you, going back to school!!! It's tough, but well worth the sacrifice. And my answer to your question is...I believe it helped my writing. Not in the way my critique group does, but in a broader more in-depth scope (I highly recommend critique groups for novelists). For an English degree you have to read a ton of English novels, which is good. The best way to become a good writer is to read and read a lot. An English degree also requires you to write a great deal. A serious writer will try to write every day. My English classes helped me hone my writing to meet the teachers demands. Learning to deliver what a teacher expects helps a writer deliver what readers expect in a story. I recommend checking into what the college offers in a Communications program as well. Weigh the two courses and see which will fill your needs the best.

Me: The relationship between Micah and his little sister, Annie, is touching. Do you have any brothers or sisters? If yes, did your interaction with them growing up help you to write this relationship?

KOP: I have three brothers and one sister. But my family is like two separate families since two brothers and my sister are much older than me and my little brother. There's been times when I've been going through troubles and my sister becomes very protective of me. My older brothers have always supported me in whatever I try to do. For the relationship between Micah and Annie I drew a lot from all my brothers and my sister, but especially from my little brother. We've stayed pretty close through the years. We talk to each other at least once a week.

Me: This book is set in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone, and in a time when people seemed more willing to help their neighbors. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get our lives back into that frame of mind, especially during the upcoming holiday season?

KOP: My answer is very simple. We need to focus on the Savior, make Him part of our daily lives. I know many will say that's very naïve because of the complex problems our world faces...but it really isn't. So much would change for the better if people would just ask themselves the question posed to Primary children...What would Jesus do?

Me: What made you want to become a writer?

KOP: I've always loved good stories. They take you out of your life and give you experiences you never could have imagine. But I never really thought of becoming a writer until after my first child was born. My mother and I read a lot of novels by Phyllis Whitney, Nora Lofts, Mary Stewart, and Jane Austin. One day as we were talking Mom told me she thought I should write a book. She planted the seed, and I've been trying to make it grow every since. I wish she were still alive to see my books published, but I know she knows ... and I can almost hear her squeal with joy.

AN ANGEL ON MAIN STREET is a great book for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you love. You can buy it at Deseret Book or Seagull Book. Or online at the following links:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cascade Springs

There is nothing like the mountains in the fall. This year we were a little late, but we still caught a lot of great colors. I always love the drive up to Cascade Springs, and the beautiful walk that you can go on. The kids had a great time, watching the fish, finding leaves, and listening to the sound of the wind blowing leaves to the ground. I hate that fall is almost over, but it sure has been a beautiful one this year!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Write Song

I love writing and I love music, so when I can mix the two then I am always happy. My problem is, there is not a wide range of music I can listen to while I am writing. There are songs that I listen to and then feel inspired to write, but actually writing to them distracts me. And then there is anything by The Killers. They are my muse, my great and ongoing inspiration. They make me want to write, and I can listen to them while I write and still concentrate on my writing. Last night my lovely husband took me to their concert.
It has been a while since I have been to a concert that wasn't at the SCERA SHELL...not that I am dissing the concerts I go to there. I am very fortunate to have my friend and Mother-in-Law, April, get us tickets to all sorts of fun concerts, but this was the first time since I got married 10 years ago that I have been to a big concert. I was so excited and it lived up to every expectation. D was a real trooper. He likes their music just fine, but he doesn't feel the need to listen to them constantly like I do.
The best part was when they sang READ MY MIND. That is my favorite song by them and it is the main inspiration for my novel AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS (BTW=still seeking representation for that one. I guess it would help if I sent it out to some people!!! Soccer has made me a slacker, but come October I am all over sending it out). Hearing that song live was awesome! The other best part of the evening was when they sang Bones. I had heard that song a few times, but it wasn't on my regularly listened to list. But hearing them sing it live, catching phrases I had never really paid attention to totally inspired me for my new novel endeavor (which I am calling ROOM FOR TWO for the time being). I wrote 5,000 words on it last week with a goal of adding 5,000 new words a week. Now after hearing that song I am inspired to write, write, write! SO I guess you could say I have found the write song!
So to Brandon and the rest of the boys I say thank you for a great concert, for songs that make me want to write, and music that makes me want to dance! And to my wonderful D, thanks for sitting through it all and letting me dance like a fool and not say anything about my stupid grin that would not go away except that it made you happy to see how happy I was. Last night was great baby, I love you! Now what? I think I will go write, better get my Killers music out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School!

So I went back to school. Yep, two nights a week you can find me in Spanish Fork taking English 2010 through UVU. I decided it best after ten years to only start with one class.
My first night I was extremely apprehensive. Would I be the oldest in the class? Would the teacher and I get along? What if nobody sat by me? What if me, a writer, didn't do a good enough job writing college English papers and discovered that I am not a writer after all? Needless to say I was all nerves. I left the house way to early, had to sit outside the classroom for 30 minutes waiting for the other class to end, and it really was beginning to look like no one was going to sit next to me. But lo and behold, things worked out--so far.
I like my teacher. I am not the oldest in the class, though I am up it the top percentage! People sit by me now, and work with me when we need to pick groups. Okay, I have only gone twice, but I am liking it. I am still nervous for those 6 research papers I get to do, but I like class. I like the ride to and from when I can sit and think without the distraction of Radio Disney and yelling children. I like getting to go and talk to adults, to share my opinions, and to be validated. Most of all, I like that I did it. I said I wanted to go back to school last year and I chickened out. But not this time. I am there, and I hope I am there to stay (at least until I finish that pesky degree!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lightning always comes before the thunder!

Which means that Lightning is first, number one, primo! Here at our house we think our own little Lightning star is number one as well. M has been learning there is a lot more to soccer than getting the ball, running down the whole field and scoring while leaving all the little girls in the dust. With this new team she is learning positions, how to work with a team, the endurance of playing on a bigger field, and that a game usually doesn't end 17-0. She has a great coach and a very talented group of girls that she has the privileged of playing with. She also has some great opportunities, such as training with an amazing trainer(and today we found out she gets to train with two amazing trainers because they want her to be backup goalie based on a scrimmage they had a few weeks ago that their goalie missed and M was put in the goal box for the first time ever and did amazing), playing in some major tournaments(her team took second place in the Sparta Cup--Utah's premier soccer tournament--loosing barely to the number one team in the state for their age division in double overtime), and attending her first REAL Salt Lake game(in which her team was picked to go out with the REAL team and stand for the national anthem check them out on this link ). She is also learning about dedication. She has to do daily drills and a daily workout as well as running each week. This takes planning and a lot of hard work. But she is loving it, and each time I see her play she gets a little bit better. I am so proud of my girl, she is a great example. Go Lightning!

M isn't the only soccer player in the family though. We got C's schedule today and it looks like Monday's will be taken up as well with her practices. That means we will be doing soccer everyday but Sunday for the month of September. C is a lot less competitive than M, but she shines in her own way because she gets the strategy of the game, and as she has been watching her older sister work out and practice she has been learning some new skills that I am sure will make her shine on the field this year.

And then there is little L. This will be his first year and we got his team schedule he will be playing with all of his little friends so it should be fun. There is no coach yet, I told them this soccer mom can't be the coach, but if it came down to it I could co-coach so who knows what will happen there. All I know is I will be able to say"Why Yes, I am a soccer mom" for sure by the time September ends! And in advance thanks to my mom and my Father-in-law who I will be calling on to help when I have to be at a game in Orem and Lehi at the same time two or three times a week! You guys are official Soccer Moms as well!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


HEY EVERYONE!!! I am having a huge yard sale on Saturday at my house from 8am-12pm. There will be tons of baby clothes, both boy and girl up through pre-teen, some adult. A cars toddler bed, a bassinet, baby baths, over 70 rubber stamp sets, books, movies, maple cabinet, lady bug baby bouncer, book shelf, cd/record player, Double tandem stroller, jog stroller, printer inks, and so much more. If you are interested leave your e-mail and I will send my address. This is not one to miss!!! (Multi-family)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Ten Years Baby!

Ten years ago today D and I were married in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. We had picked a Thursday to be married on because we thought there wouldn't be as many weddings on that day. Well a pesky little tornado in SLC the day before changed that by closing down the Salt Lake Temple. So all brides who were to get married that day south of Salt Lake came down to Mount Timpanogos. The nice thing was however, that we had come to the temple the day before and taken all of our pictures so we only had to do family shots on the day of.
It has been a crazy 10 years! We have lived in 8 different places, 5 different cities, and 2 different states. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful babies, who fill our lives with joy. We have lived in apartments, a trailer, with family, and now our own beautiful home. We have made it through job changes, two degrees, and an emergency airplane landing. We have been there for one another through sickness, messy houses, screaming kids, broken down cars, never having any socks folded in the drawers :), and many other things. We have fought and cried, loved and laughed, and watched a lot of TV series (our nightly, kids in bed, wind down routine). And through it all the I LOVE YOU's have been there. So now I will say it once more. I LOVE YOU, DUSTIN. Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Preschool Help

So as it turns out, the preschool the girls went to was no longer functioning when I went to get L signed up. So I scrambled looking around, all local ones I could find were filled, or way too much for a miss frugal like me. I even found out about a joy school group in the ward, but they said they were already established and didn't want a new kid (yeah that's the type of ward I live in unfortunately). The gist of it is. I am doing Preschool for L myself this year. I have an idea of what I would like to do based on some great information C's Kindergarten teacher gave me last year. I am planning on doing it three days a week, with one of the days focused on playdate/fieldtrip time, so he is still getting some social networking.
My question is please please please if you know a great website with preschool ideas, a great idea of your own for activities, or a great field trip opportunity in the area that isn't too highly priced, I would love to hear about it (even and especially seasonal things such as: Pumpkin patches around Halloween, or Christmas Festivals (daytime activities). I decided if I paid myself each month for supplies just as if I was paying for a normal priced preschool (or a little less since I don't have to pay me, just for supplies). I hope it works out. I want him to have fun and be prepared for Kindergarten, as well as have some fun friend and mommy time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Climb Every Mountain

The moment you realize that you are fat is not a happy one. You may know that you have a few pounds to shed, you may know that sure you don't fit into the same jeans you did when you got married, but the actual realization that you can't remember the last picture you took when you actually felt good about yourself is a sad sad one. And sadly to say I have discovered that this past year. The good thing? I am finally motivated to do something about it.

The thing is, I don't run. I have my reason. I see friends and neighbors who are awesome inspiring women that run like crazy and I just can't do it. Also, I don't do the gym. I am too self conscious. I did great in the water aerobics when I was pregnant with L because I was the youngest one there and I was pregnant, it was okay to be fat. But going in my fat sweats as everyone else walks by in their little tight pants all perky and happy, is not my idea of motivation.

So in an effort to help me get in shape D went out and bought me a Wii Fit. Which I had been doing at a friends house and really enjoying. But my husband doesn't do things half way. He also go me a program called Wii Active, which I love. Bob Greene (Oprah's Trainer) put it together. The best part is the 30 day challenge. You get a different workout each day tartgeting different areas, unlike the Wii Fit (which I still love for the Jackknife challenge, balance games and yoga) You don't have to stop in between each exercise and pick a new one. You can choose your intensity and then you get a 20-30 minute workout that targets strength and aerobics together.

I have been enjoying it, and while the scale has not decreased (thanks stupid Wii Fit scale and your "That's Overweight" sayings) I can tell it is making a difference. The jeans are comfortable, not tight. I can chase the kids around the block and not get tired. I can walk my stairs a million times a day and be fine. But I always like a challenge and so when my sister suggested a join her for her early morning trail hikes, I thought I would give it a chance.

The picture above is why I love it. I take M with me and it is so fun to see her discover nature (she can run up a mountain, that girl is so fit, but she stops and rests when mom needs too). We do about a 3 mile round trip hike in the mornings. M thinks our goal should be to climb to the glacier by the end of summer. I smiled and said "We'll See". But if I can go with my girl it would be worth it. This morning she discovered some squirrels which she fed a cracker to. The look on their faces was like they had hit a jackpot and the look on M's face made the pain in my bottom half worth it! I really need to take my camera with me.

So it looks as if this is going to be a regular thing. We have a great trail, and as long as M wakes up at 5 with a smile on her face, we will continue to climb every mountain as part of our fitness routine. But don't worry Wii Active, I have not forgotten you. I'll be back, but sorry, the TV screen can't compare to nature!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I wanted to make a great and wonderful post on freedom, but I didn't want to debate the current problems with our government and so I decided to post M's reflections essay that actually says a lot.

My Grandma's life is WOW! by M age 8

When my grandma was little she lived in Berlin. When the Russian army marched into Berlin she had to hide in the cellar with her mom for 10 days and 10 nights. They had only a few potatoes to eat. Every day her mom would cook one and she would eat the skin while my grandma would eat the middle.
One night their neighborhood was bombed and many people died. My grandma and her mom lived But lost everything, except my Great Grandma threw a feather bed out of the window while the house was burning. She had put her favorite china plate inside it and it did not break. My Grandma still has the plate and I love to look at it.
After the war was over my Grandma live in East Berlin. One day her dad decided it was bad to live in a communist land and he told my grandma that they would have to flee East Berlin at night. They had to sneak out at night and coulden't take anything with them. They had to leave their house and all their things behind. My Grandma then lived in West Berlin and on August 13, 1961 the Russians built a wall dividing West Berlin from East Berlin
I am glad my Grandma was in the west at that time or she would not have been able to move to America and become my Grandma. She has touched my life, and taught me about freedom.
WOW what a life.

Hope everyone has a happy INDEPENDENCE Day. Remember our blessings and lets not take them for granted!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Movie Review

Tonight we watched WHAT'S UP DOC for family movie night. I loved that show when I was younger, and for me the appeal was still there. I laughed so much. But don't take my word for it. Take these:
M (age 8): Thought it was very funny, especially the car chase. She loved that. She also liked how they switched up the bags. Would watch it again. She also loved when they stole the "Just Married" car

L (age 4): He liked the part when the hotel room caught fire. He also liked the mixed up suitcases. Would watch it again, but not till morning! :)

C (age 6): Liked the whole show, but her favoritest part was the car chase. Liked how they ended the car chase (I won't give that part away). Would watch it again.

WHAT'S UP DOC stars Ryan O'Neal and Barbara Streisand. It is the story of a plaid bag (or 4 bags) that get hilariously mixed up, no thanks to a wildly eccentric young lady, a jewel thief, a government agent, and all their wacky accomplices. Our family gives it an A.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Buffy and Edward?

Okay, so here is another Vampire post. You all know I love Buffy and Twilight. Here is a look at what would happen if Buffy from Sunnydale High had a run in with Edward from Forks High. *Giggle*

Sorry, when I checked it out it doesn't look as if you are getting the full effect so you can go here to see the full thing!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sliders and Soccer

Soccer camp has been occupying most of our mornings this June. I know they do it early so it isn't so hot, but 8 am everyday? Come on people. It is Summer!!!! I can hardly wait for July! M tried out for competition soccer in May and made a cool team called Lightning FC. She stated 3 v 3 scrimmages this month with her team. They do them twice a week. She is really liking it. On her first day, she came up to me and said, "Mom, I don't just run the whole field with the ball, I actually have to pass. We have positions!" I was laughing so hard. I love the program here, but wish they played a little more seriously at first. We don't even do goalies until U-10. Luckily, M is fast and a great kicker. Her coach has her practicing at home everyday. She has different drills to do. Mostly juggling and working on using her left foot. I bought her some cones and she goes out and practices. Now I think I need to get her a goal.
In July she has a team camp and at the end of July she will be playing in the Strikerfest and then straight into August for the Sparta Cup. Competition for fall starts the end of August so with all the practices, and tournaments she is going to be one very busy little girl for the next few months (she also is still doing piano and rocking at it!!!)

C and L are both doing soccer as well. L is so cute out there in the morning in his orange shorts and bright yellow shirt and socks! I can't miss him. I tried to have him use the girls old cleats, but he is just so much smaller than they were at this age so we had to go buy him some new ones. He loves running and explains to me all the time that right now there are girls on his team (for camp) but when he plays games it is boys only.

C is fast. Last year the thing I noticed about her the most is that she was really good at standing back when all the girls are huddled around kicking at the ball in one group, C just waits and when the ball comes out she is there to take it downfield to the goal. She gets more of the strategy then M did, but wasn't as fast. At least that is what I thought until I saw her this morning. She passed about 12 kids all running pretty fast, just to get in line for her treat at the end. SO I guess if I hang a laffy taffy from the goal post I will have a winner on my hands!!! She is also doing piano and is excited for her first recital. She will be playing Minuet in G.

So last night after M's soccer game, I just didn't have energy to go to book club. Sorry girls. I was so tired. I had a bad case of food poisoning all last week and it really took it out of me. Then I had to get my book ready to give to my mom because I have a June 25th deadline to send it in to a contest and wanted her grammar edits. So I have been up past midnight all week. I just dropped. But on the way home we had to grab something to eat (too tired for BC=too tired to cook). We stopped at Marley's (the restaurant attached to the Harley store). A bit pricey, but the food was good, and the kids had a blast reading all the bottle caps pushed into the tables. They service was super nice though. We got 3 combo meals, but instead of giving us one big drink for the one the kids were sharing, the guy gave us three smaller ones so they wouldn't have to share. He did it without asking, just being aware of our needs. I swear you don't get that much anymore, especially at a burger place.

The kids loved the shoestring fries and the sliders. They were pretty good, and really filling considering their size. I would go again just for the service we had though. It is fun, if you are ever in Lindon you should check it out!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Boldly Continuing On....

Growing up our family had very different schedules, so FHE didn't always occur on Monday night. In fact it didn't always start with a prayer, or have a song, scripture, lesson and treat. But my parents always made sure that we did have one night together as a family. And a lot of times this meant a weekend night. As I got older it became harder to give up my weekends. I wanted to go out with my friends. I can think of several nights that I hated the fact that I was missing a party or a date. But it seems that without fail, the times I HAD to do a family activity and miss something that I thought was "important" I always ended up the evening glad I had stayed with my family.
Our usual night together quickly became known as Family Movie Night (my dad loved movies, plays, concerts, musicals). And I found some great shows that way. Thinking back now, I wonder if I really loved the shows as much or the time I got to spend with my family. I kicked and screamed to have to miss swimming with my friends to go with my dad to see La Bamba. I ended up seeing that one in the movie theater 7 times I loved it so much. Or there was the New Years Eve of 9th grade when I had been invited to my first big party only to have to spend the evening seeing Dances With Wolves. Yep, you guessed it, another favorite! One night in high school I had to turn down a date. I tried to scowl, but our family night movie ended up being The Party with Peter Sellers, I thought I was going to lose a kidney I was laughing so hard. I have not seen any of those shows for so long, if I watched them again, on my own would they be as fun? It doesn't seem like it, but I have a way to ensure I would enjoy each of them again: watch them with my own family!
And so we have started movie night. And the kids moan and groan about the shows mom and dad sometimes pick, but they always end up liking them. So tonight we boldly took them down memory lane and watched the first episode of the Original Star Trek. L was fascinated with the shape shifting alien. M was glad to discover that in the future Spock uses a "bluetooth" and C was happy to realize that the ship looked just like the one she had gotten in her kids meal last week. D and I just laughed at everything, but with my little Pooh Bear snuggled in my lap, my squishsquish holding my hand, and my minchkin asking a million how come questions I figured out why mom and dad made us watch all those shows-and I am sure glad they did!

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Okay!

Just want to state for the record that sometimes it is okay to lie in your bed with an entire carton of ice cream and watch Hulu.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Painting again....

For the past month I have been telling myself that I have to have the house done by the third week in May for Book Club. So when I decided to do both my writers groups here the first week of May I thought that is a week early, I can do it! Then yesterday I realized that I only have a few weeks and not enough time. So I am painting again like crazy and the house is going to pot for it. So please don't come by before May 1st! I will be going crazy!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bending over Backwards

It has been a while but here is a random post of my doings. First the good news! We took M up to Primary Children's on Monday for her Scoliosis appointment and when they took the x-rays I thought to myself, is it possible? Does her spine look straighter? All the books and everything From America said you can't reverse Scoliosis, you just hope it doesn't get worse. But I went with the European way of thinking and tried the Yoga and stretches, so maybe I was just wishful thinking! No, I wasn't. The doctor came in and confirmed that the curve had gone from 15 degrees down to 11 degrees in just 6 months. It was improving. He was shocked, but said to keep her in Yoga and that is exactly what we will be doing.
The bad news that goes with this is the only children's yoga I have found is in Alpine and that is quite the drive. Does anyone know of a more local place that they do children's yoga?

I am figuring out something that I have known all along. I am not the world's nicest mom. I put my kids in timeout, I make them clean their room. I don't always buy them things when we go to the store. I tell them they can live without shoes with skates in them and a DS and pretty much every item they see on TV. They lose computer time, TV time or friends, when they talk back or don't do their chores or are mean to one another. I make them do their homework, and practice the piano.
So when I was doing something this morning and L wanted me to drop everything to open him a can of tuna fish. I said just a minute. Well I was then told what a mean mom I was. So I started to think about it. To a kid I might not seem like the nicest mom, but am I really the world's meanest? So I asked him. Who washes and folds your clothes? Who cooks you dinner every night. Who buys the food and always has an after school snack ready? Who plans playdates, drives you kids to games, lessons, friends houses. Who plans parties, makes crafts, does preschool with you? Guess what his answer to each of those was. MOMMY! So then I asked him again who was the meanest mom in the world. Suddenly I was the best nicest mom in the world. So maybe I am not the nicest always, but I am not doing too bad.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First just want to give a big thanks to everyone for making me feel better about moving. I do have great friends!

So yesterday I was talking to one of those great friends and we talked for about 10 minutes before we realized that the actor and show she was telling me about was a different actor and show than I thought she was talking about. Then we had a good laugh. Now normally we understand each other pretty well, but once in a while we end up being on totally different pages. This experience yesterday made me think of my favorite time that Aly (yes, I am pointing you out) and I misunderstood each other.

It was the week that we got to go Orson Scott Card's Literary bootcamp. Now imagine how much fun we were having...getting to be with your best friend, not having to worry about kid or housework, or anything but writing! So Card had given us an assignment to go out in the world and find 3 story ideas. One from going to a book store or library. One from interviewing a stranger, and, one from our surroundings. Well the story idea that I had found was about a man that was found off the coast of England and was said to be a merman.
So we were brainstorming this idea and had come up with some good ideas to expand on this (Aly is the worlds best brianstormer). Than I began to talk about OSC and his writing. Well Aly was still brainstorming my stroy idea and said to me..."I wonder if he was a feral child" since I was now focused on Card the first thing out of my mouth was shock. "Why would you say that?" To which she began to respond of how maybe he had been abandoned by his family and on and on. Well as usual, by the time we realized she was talking about the Merman and I was talking about OSC we had a good laugh. But even better was after I wrote my story and then I got to tell OSC about our little misunderstanding.

Okay so this might not make much sense, but I wanted to write it down, not that I think I will ever forget it, but it just goes to show, sometimes two people, no matter how well they know each other can be speaking to one another but having totally different conversations. Has this ever happened to you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loving it? Not so much.

Yes we are loving our new house. We have put a lot of work in it and I promise to post pictures soon. We had to move, I could not live in my mother-in-laws basement forever. The kids like their school, and have made friends, who unfortunately don't live close by, but still they have play dates. D can come home from work for lunch and never gets stuck in traffic. But I can't say I am loving the area. Maybe it is just moving from such a great neighborhood, but I mean we are going on like 3 months and there are a few people at church who say hi to me, but no one comes up and talks to me, no one invites me to sit by them. Even the times I have tried to be social I have been made to feel like an outcast.
I remember when we looked at this house, the owner could not stop talking about what a great ward this was. Well the people behind us are nice, and the people next to us, but not in the same way it was in our old ward. Not in a lets have a girls night out, or oh your sick what can I do for you way. More like a you can trust me to not rob you while you are out of town, but lets not hold a lofty conversation way. I remember even when we were new in our old ward, having at least 3 or 4 neighbors I could ask to bring the kids home from church if I wasn't feeling well. Now I can't even think of someone to make sure M gets home safe from achievement days. (They have it at night so it is dark when she gets home). I hate feeling this way, but now I know why people have a hard time going to church if they don't have a support base.
Yes, I know the church is true. Yes, I will keep going. But it is awful to feel like an outcast, like I have the plague and no one wants to be my friend! I guess I was lucky that I had a chance to make good friends in Orem. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself because I am so sick right now, but all I can say is to everyone in the old neighborhood, I love you, I miss you, and I am bummed about missing bookclub tonight. You guys are the best! Thanks for still letting me come.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Favorite Vampires

Vampires? Who needs them? Give me Aliens any day, or at least humans in Alien situations! That was me. I never made it through Dracula, and even though Van Helsing was played by Hugh, it would have been so much better if he was fighting spacemen! But then I picked up a book, a little teeny bopper book that my niece and all her friends were going gaga over. Come on, you know the book I mean. And all of a sudden vampires could be good, they could have morals, they could be in pain over the need to take human blood, and they could turn you into mush as they tried to convince their human counterparts that Immortality is not all daisies and sunshine.
Yes my friend, we have entered a new world, the world of good Vampires ( or at least really spunky bad ones) so here is my list of the Vampires I would not mind running into and why.

The Cullens. Need I say more? Not really but I will. The whole family has something good in them. Whether it is Emmet's joking around, Alice's persistent happiness, or the way Edward looks at Bella when he stops the truck from hitting her. They were the ones to start it all for me. Edwards constant battle inside himself as to if he was a monster or not, when everyone looking in could see he was better than most the "humans" around, gave me a new perspective into Vampires and I found myself thinking, hey these bloodsuckers are not so bad.

Fast forward to last year, when I finally decided that I needed to watch Buffy. Oh I had seen the movie in high school and laughed my head off at the corny lines, but I had put it off for a long time because as I said, I was an alien girl. But the Cullens had softened me and after all, Joss Whedon's masterpiece Firefly is my favorite series of all time, I figured it was time to give Buffy the series a go. And it was there I discovered my next two favorite Vampires.

First we have Angel, played by David Boreanaz. A Vampire that has been given a soul. A Vampire that refuses to take human blood, a vampire who is in love the Vampire Slayer. His tortured portrayal of the monster he could become, of the crimes he had committed in the past made him such an icon that they ended up giving him his own series. My favorite episode is when he becomes mortal, finally he and Buffy can be together, but then he is faced with the choice to be with Buffy, or to be able to protect her, which he can only do as a Vampire. Oh the tragedy!

Next is Spike, who is so not the good guy. He is bratty, hates humans, and is a pain in the neck (literally). But he is one of those bad guys that you love to hate. What would Buffy be without Spike always showing up causing problems for pretty much everyone? If the vampires in Dracula had had Spike's sarcasm, snarl, and snarkiness I may have began to enjoy the whole Vampire world long ago.

And finally we get to the heart of this post. The show that has got me Gaga over Vamps. Moonlight. Take Mick St John, a private eye in LA who uses his speed, stealth, and strength to help fight crime and protect the woman he loves--even if she has a boyfriend who is a really great guy and so each episode of each extremely short run (1 season, stupid writer's strike) leaves you wondering who she should be with. The man who can never age, never give her a life, but looks at her in a way that makes you melt? Or the nice respectable DA who loves her just as much, but maybe just doesn't have that look of desire quite down yet? I finished This last night and all I have to say is Thank heavens, even though they only did one season at least they left you with a clear promise of what the future for this PI might hold.

Last, but not least is Mick's friend Josef. He bugged me at first, but I have to admit by the end of the show he had me. Rich, cocky, and yet still having that little sensitive side that lets you know, if the right girl came around, he just might change.

So there you have it. I have been converted. Now don't get me wrong. I still like my Sci fi shows, Farscape, Firefly, Stargate. Oh yeah, hey Deep Space nine was responsible for me falling in love with my husband. But from now on when I see Vampire I won't be turning a blind eye to what could be a great new show, or book. Vampires, tonight you win!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Cut Part Two

So last summer a friend got some of us together to cut our hair and donate it to Locks of Love, a foundation that helps provide hair pieces to children who have permanent hair loss. At the time I asked M if she wanted to join me, mostly joking because I could not have stood the thought of her parting with her beautiful locks. But last week after a particularly trying Sunday where getting through tangles lead to tears and sorrow we decided that it was time to cut off a few inches. After deciding how short we should go we realized that if we added 5 more inches M could send her hair to Locks of Love. She decided that if she was going to cut her hair it would be for a worth while cause and so 11 inches later her hair is cute as ever! I am so proud of her because she really has loved her hair, but when we cut it she just said, it will grow back and now some other little kid can have hair too. What a girl!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Fun

So L turned four. I can hardly believe it, he is getting so big. It is strange to see that he is not a baby anymore, although he will always be my baby. So for the past several months he has been telling everyone that he was going to have a go Diego Go party. And that is exactly what he had. I have to admit when it comes to planning my kids parties I am a bit of a freak. For one thing, I always have to have a theme. For another thing, I have to do it for as little money as possible. I just don't think I could have an expensive party for my kids. Not that I skimp, it is just a pride thing almost. Can I have this party for under $25? And that is what I did with L. For Under $25 we had cupcakes in diego wrappers, diego plates and diego cups with chocolate milk. I made 10 gift bags with candy and a deck of diego playing cards for each kid, I bought balloons, a table cloth, candles for the cake. We started the party out making toilet paper telescopes for all the rescue rangers and then set off on a scavenger hunt to find the lost lion cubs. The entire hour was filled with fun, no tears, and little stress. It was another hit. I say another because (and here I have to thank Aly because I could never do any of this without her, and this next comment I am about to reveal was given to both of us) at M's 8 year old 80's surprise party Aly and I had several of the neighborhood girls tell us we should be party planners. So not to brag, but if you ever want to have a fun cheap party, just give me a theme and I will be glad to help you out (of course I may have to run the ideas by Aly for good measure, but that's what friends are for.)
Oh and just so you know, L may be four now, but he still run around in just his undies! How am I ever going to keep clothes on this kid?
So now I get to relax until August when I have another party to plan...Got any ideas Aly? I bet I can do it for pretty cheap!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family Scriptures...with little ones?

So I will admit that family scriptures study/prayer is not the easiest thing to gather for when you have soccer/piano/yoga/work/homework/housework/bathtime/etc.... to contend with. And add to that the fact that with young kids getting them to sit still for a long enough time to learn something is insane! But I think we have found the key. This little book has been our lifesaver. Each day is filled with a scripture and a small piece of advice from President Gordon B Hinkley. And now that M and C are jut a little older we can actually have them read it, and tell us what it means.
Okay sure, we are not reading the entire Book of Mormon in a month, or spending hours trying to dig through Isaiah, but in the ten minutes we can get the kids to sit and listen, they are getting it. C even makes sure that when I yell for Family Prayer, she comes with the book in hand to do our nightly scripture.
Maybe as the kids get older we can increase our study time, but then again life is even busier for older kids. So I am just glad that we found something we can all agree on, and hopefully remember to let the Savior into each day of the week and not just Sunday.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What kind of Kung Fu are you?

So last night for family night we watched Kung Fu Panda (which is awesome on Blu-ray). My children especially C and L like to choose a character they are in the movie and then remind us the whole way through. So we all picked which one of the kung fu fighters we were at the start of the show. When the movie ended we were looking through the special features and after dancing several times to the music video of "Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting" we found a quiz we could take that told you what kind of fighter you are. It asked questions about your fav subject in school, what you like most about yourself, fav type of pet. Basically it was a personality test. At the end it matched you to your character. So D was the first to take the test and he ended up being a Tiger just like he had earlier claimed he was. I took the test next and was a Crane, just like I had picked. Then each of the kids took it and wouldn't you know it, they each turned out to be the character they had originally chosen. M was a monkey, C was a viper and L was of course a Panda. I just thought it was funny that it matched each of us perfect to the one we already decided we were going to be. So go watch the show(it was worth it) and then find out what type of Kung Fu you are.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is 33?

For all you inquiring minds who did not know what # 33 on my birthday list was check out this link....Bucca di Peppo. Last year when we went with the family to California, our friends took us to this great restaurant called Bucca di Peppo. The food is good, the atmosphere fun, and it wasn't outrageously priced (trust me we had taken the kids to the Rainforest Cafe a few days earlier and were still wondering why the food was as much as it was.) We loved it and were excited to find out they have one in downtown SLC. But really, how often to go to Downtown SLC just for dinner? We don't, but one day this year we will. I need my Bucca!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here is to 33!

In celebration of my 33rd birthday I thought I would post 33 things I want to accomplish in this 33rd year of my life. These are in no order, just as they are floating around in my head.
1. Read the Doctrine and Covenants.
2. Get in Shape.
3. Make prayer time more meaningful.
4. Write a book.
5. Get something published.
6. Go to some writing conferences.
7. See the new x-men movie at the midnight showing. (This is a tradition for me)
8. Get more food storage.
9. Be a better flosser.
10. Remember to wash my face every night!
11. Read everyday to my kids (I am great about week days, it is weekends that kill me)
12. Go back to school, for at least one class.
13. Make one friend in my new ward (I am a loser and after a month still no one talks to me. I promise I shower every Sunday, I miss my old ward!)
14. Read 55 books this year. (I read 54 last year!)
15. Make some of those books non-fiction.
16. Spend quality time with each kid each day.
17. Keep my house clean.
18. Help someone.
19. Plant a garden
20. Take my vitamins
21. Take time for me each week.
22. Go on a date with my husband once a week.
23. Make Temple visits a priority.
24. Plan FHE ahead of time.
25. Be a good listener and friend.
26. Write a short story.
27. Get my pictures in order.
28. Save my money.
29. Use a kinder voice.
30. Be active in a writer's group.
31. Learn a song on the piano.
32. Get on a schedule and stick to it.
33. Go up to eat at Bucca di Peppo at least once!

So there you have it. 33 things I want to do this year. Most are attainable, I just have to get in gear and get them done. Some will take more effort than others, but I think all are important. Some more so than others, but hey I am 33 I can do it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My girl rocks!

Just got a letter in the mail today that M was one of the Region 9 winners for her reflection entry. Her entry will now be sent on to another level for judging. I am so proud of her. What writer wouldn't be proud when their child starts winning awards for her writing. Granted she had a pretty cool story with my mom's life. Maybe I should write a book about growing up in East Germany. Then maybe I can be as cool as my girl. Well, at least somewhat as cool, I will never have that hair! It is down to her waist now and just so beautiful. I could go on for hours gushing about her. How well she is doing at her new school, her teacher even called D and told him what a joy she is to have in class. Or about how responsible she is becoming. Her room has been spotless from the moment we finished unpacking it. Wish I could say that for the rest my room! Or maybe how hard she tries, her back has been giving her a lot of pain lately and so we signed her up for YOGA and she is doing it so well. She practices and tries to stretch a little further with each pose, even though she has never been known as flexible. She is one grerat girl. I love you M and I am so proud of you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Back.

Has it really been a month? Wow time flies when you are moving. I hope to post pictures of the new house soon, but here is a quick update. We are getting in slowly but surely. There is still a lot to do and we are putting of some things such as furnishings until spring when we can pay cash for them. But the main stuff that needed to be done before we could move is done. We have new floors, new texture, new paint, new base boards. The crown molding is up, but we still have to caulk and putty and sand and paint (not the whole thing, just the nail holes. We have also discovered a few surprises. The cable line had been cut and so we had to drill a new hole in the house to get cable and internet. The oven will not open for the life of us, but we are pretty sure that is in the home warranty. The telephone lines to the house had been cut as well, so they had to run a new cord which they can't bury till spring and so I have a nice black cord running through my back yard. I tried to contact the previous owners about these things, but wouldn't you know that they won't return my calls. Hmm sounds like they might have known about these things and didn't disclose them. Oh well. We love that we have a place and we are making it our own. The kids love having their own rooms and I love being able to do whatever I want and letting the kids run out back and play if they want and not have to worry about anyone else, if you know what I mean! The freedom is amazing and for the first time in months my thyroid is not wigging out, hmm maybe the doctor was right when he said stress can make it worse. Well I will write more later, gotta go unpack some more.