Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lightning always comes before the thunder!

Which means that Lightning is first, number one, primo! Here at our house we think our own little Lightning star is number one as well. M has been learning there is a lot more to soccer than getting the ball, running down the whole field and scoring while leaving all the little girls in the dust. With this new team she is learning positions, how to work with a team, the endurance of playing on a bigger field, and that a game usually doesn't end 17-0. She has a great coach and a very talented group of girls that she has the privileged of playing with. She also has some great opportunities, such as training with an amazing trainer(and today we found out she gets to train with two amazing trainers because they want her to be backup goalie based on a scrimmage they had a few weeks ago that their goalie missed and M was put in the goal box for the first time ever and did amazing), playing in some major tournaments(her team took second place in the Sparta Cup--Utah's premier soccer tournament--loosing barely to the number one team in the state for their age division in double overtime), and attending her first REAL Salt Lake game(in which her team was picked to go out with the REAL team and stand for the national anthem check them out on this link ). She is also learning about dedication. She has to do daily drills and a daily workout as well as running each week. This takes planning and a lot of hard work. But she is loving it, and each time I see her play she gets a little bit better. I am so proud of my girl, she is a great example. Go Lightning!

M isn't the only soccer player in the family though. We got C's schedule today and it looks like Monday's will be taken up as well with her practices. That means we will be doing soccer everyday but Sunday for the month of September. C is a lot less competitive than M, but she shines in her own way because she gets the strategy of the game, and as she has been watching her older sister work out and practice she has been learning some new skills that I am sure will make her shine on the field this year.

And then there is little L. This will be his first year and we got his team schedule he will be playing with all of his little friends so it should be fun. There is no coach yet, I told them this soccer mom can't be the coach, but if it came down to it I could co-coach so who knows what will happen there. All I know is I will be able to say"Why Yes, I am a soccer mom" for sure by the time September ends! And in advance thanks to my mom and my Father-in-law who I will be calling on to help when I have to be at a game in Orem and Lehi at the same time two or three times a week! You guys are official Soccer Moms as well!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


HEY EVERYONE!!! I am having a huge yard sale on Saturday at my house from 8am-12pm. There will be tons of baby clothes, both boy and girl up through pre-teen, some adult. A cars toddler bed, a bassinet, baby baths, over 70 rubber stamp sets, books, movies, maple cabinet, lady bug baby bouncer, book shelf, cd/record player, Double tandem stroller, jog stroller, printer inks, and so much more. If you are interested leave your e-mail and I will send my address. This is not one to miss!!! (Multi-family)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Ten Years Baby!

Ten years ago today D and I were married in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. We had picked a Thursday to be married on because we thought there wouldn't be as many weddings on that day. Well a pesky little tornado in SLC the day before changed that by closing down the Salt Lake Temple. So all brides who were to get married that day south of Salt Lake came down to Mount Timpanogos. The nice thing was however, that we had come to the temple the day before and taken all of our pictures so we only had to do family shots on the day of.
It has been a crazy 10 years! We have lived in 8 different places, 5 different cities, and 2 different states. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful babies, who fill our lives with joy. We have lived in apartments, a trailer, with family, and now our own beautiful home. We have made it through job changes, two degrees, and an emergency airplane landing. We have been there for one another through sickness, messy houses, screaming kids, broken down cars, never having any socks folded in the drawers :), and many other things. We have fought and cried, loved and laughed, and watched a lot of TV series (our nightly, kids in bed, wind down routine). And through it all the I LOVE YOU's have been there. So now I will say it once more. I LOVE YOU, DUSTIN. Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Preschool Help

So as it turns out, the preschool the girls went to was no longer functioning when I went to get L signed up. So I scrambled looking around, all local ones I could find were filled, or way too much for a miss frugal like me. I even found out about a joy school group in the ward, but they said they were already established and didn't want a new kid (yeah that's the type of ward I live in unfortunately). The gist of it is. I am doing Preschool for L myself this year. I have an idea of what I would like to do based on some great information C's Kindergarten teacher gave me last year. I am planning on doing it three days a week, with one of the days focused on playdate/fieldtrip time, so he is still getting some social networking.
My question is please please please if you know a great website with preschool ideas, a great idea of your own for activities, or a great field trip opportunity in the area that isn't too highly priced, I would love to hear about it (even and especially seasonal things such as: Pumpkin patches around Halloween, or Christmas Festivals (daytime activities). I decided if I paid myself each month for supplies just as if I was paying for a normal priced preschool (or a little less since I don't have to pay me, just for supplies). I hope it works out. I want him to have fun and be prepared for Kindergarten, as well as have some fun friend and mommy time.