Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter Camping Fun

I don't think there will be many years where we can go camping at the property on the 30th of December and have it be close to 50 degrees! We had a great time (camping life is so much nicer when you get to sleep in a heated trailer). The kids had a blast running all over as usual. Out by their favorite rock (Turtle Rock) water had pooled into little ponds and they made their own ice skating rinks. D made us a huge fire in the pit late at night and we sat looking at the constellations for a long time. It is amazing what a walk in the middle of nowhere can do for my writer's block. A scene I've been hung up on for over a week totally resolved itself while I was out there. But it was Hertha who had the most fun of all. She was definitely in doggie paradise. 40 acres to roam and run made her one happy camper. She even found the perfect stick she was determined to carry all the way back to the trailer. Anyone who knew me five years ago would never believe that two of my favorite past times could be camping and hanging out with a puppy, but that just goes to show you that you should always give new things a try. You may find out something you were sure you hated could turn into memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy New Years Everyone! Hope you find new adventures in 2012!