Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have known for some time that I need to lose weight. Not only for my self esteem, but for my health as well. I am not motivated to share that number that haunts me every time I step on the scale, but I am willing to say I need to lose between 30-35 pounds to find myself in an ideal and healthy BMI range. The thing is, I have tried to do it on my own-to no avail. I need help. I need motivation and so I need to share my triumphs and my setbacks here where I know I am accountable to a reader.
I know this is a blog for my writing, but let's face it, if I am too out of shape to workout, I will be too tired to write. For a long time I have been putting writing before working out. Who knows maybe one day I will go back to that, but for now, I think my health needs to be the number one priority. So my goal for the following week is to do a workout everyday before I even turn on the computer.
I want to post a goal for each week and I will report back to say how effective it was.Feel free to share any tips that have helped you, any goals you have for your own healthy weight loss, and any yummy recipes that promote healthy foods. I need the motivation and I hope this will help!