Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Update

So this really isn't an update on the movie, but on where I was in life last night when the movie premiered. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for many different reasons, and non of them had to do with seeing Sparkly men or adolescent teen wolves.

Last year around this time, I was cleaning my room and I came across a picture that had been taken a few months before at the Eclipse premier. Maybe I had hidden it to not be reminded what was very obvious as I looked at the newly found picture---I was fat, and not just a couple of pounds, we are talking over the wall, seam ripping chunk. I quickly hid the picture and refused to acknowledge that I had gotten that way. I mean, I have three kids, a few extra pounds was normal, right?

Needless to say it wasn't until my birthday a couple of months later that I stepped on the scale and it confirmed the sad truth. That day I dug the picture back out and it has been hanging on my mirror as a reminder that when Breaking dawn came out, I was not going to be embarrassed to take my picture...and I wasn't. Last night we took tons of pictures and I was 37 pounds less than at Eclipse.

The final movie comes out in one year. I have 15 pounds to go. I will be at that midnight showing and I will be as skinny as I was in High School!

Also when Eclipse came out I was in the midst of trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Being a stay at home mom was great, but I knew there was more I could do. I was already taking some classes at the local University, but no major was declared, I had no goal in mind. That has changed as well. I am officially one year away from my BA in History with a 3.96 GPA (stupid A- in Biology!). I signed up for my Senior Research Project class which will begin in January and from there it is all down hill.

Next Year at the midnight showing I will be a few weeks away from my degree and taking a much needed break right before finals.

As for my writing? At Eclipse I had Sky in hand and a three page rejection letter telling me if I just rewrote the whole thing I could maybe go somewhere. It was a challenge that I took to heart.

As of last night, Sky has been completely rewritten and is a million times better and different than I could have imagined. I finally feel confident to really send it out to agents and publishers and not have them laugh at me.

I am now five chapters into a new story which will from here on out be called Room for Two (Room) until a better title falls in place and am discovering the joy of a fresh story all over again. By the time the last movie comes out I hope to have that story in the same polished position that Sky is in.

So from one movie to the next I have lost the weight, got the brains, and found the joy. Last night I rewarded myself by having that Dr. Pepper, getting a manicure and message, hanging out with a dear friend, talking and laughing, and of course watching Vampires and Werewolves slug it out.

Next year I plan to be with the same friend at another midnight showing with a whole new set of milestones that I have overcome. Until then it is back to eating Primal, studying hard, and writing continuously...all intermixed of course with being a soccer mom extreme! The one thing that I hope won't wait until next year is another post!