Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Review: The Hidden Sun.

As you know, occasionally I am asked to read and review a new book thanks to a friend of mine in the editing business. This time I was super busy with school when the request came, but I read the back blurb and you know me...anything fantasy or sci-fi will probably draw my attention. So a week or so after accepting I got a free book in the mail(and hey, who doesn't like free books?)
The book is THE HIDDEN SUN BY J. Lloyd Morgan. The story is about the Kingdom of Bariwon which holds a contest called the Shoginoc whenever a new successor to the throne, or a mate for the current successor is to be chosen. This contest picks the bravest, the strongest, the smartest...not to mention the richest, as its winner. But this time there is a problem, the man chosen to marry Princess Eliana is not the man she loves..or the man she is secretly married to.
This book has a lot of technical difficulties, from poor editing to lack of showing. That being said, there were moments that I did actually get caught up in it, and I enjoyed a few of the characters. I had a lot of yeah right moments as I read this, but I also had a few please tell me more moments.
To check out THE HIDDEN SUN for yourself go to Amazon.