Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Okay!

Just want to state for the record that sometimes it is okay to lie in your bed with an entire carton of ice cream and watch Hulu.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Painting again....

For the past month I have been telling myself that I have to have the house done by the third week in May for Book Club. So when I decided to do both my writers groups here the first week of May I thought that is a week early, I can do it! Then yesterday I realized that I only have a few weeks and not enough time. So I am painting again like crazy and the house is going to pot for it. So please don't come by before May 1st! I will be going crazy!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bending over Backwards

It has been a while but here is a random post of my doings. First the good news! We took M up to Primary Children's on Monday for her Scoliosis appointment and when they took the x-rays I thought to myself, is it possible? Does her spine look straighter? All the books and everything From America said you can't reverse Scoliosis, you just hope it doesn't get worse. But I went with the European way of thinking and tried the Yoga and stretches, so maybe I was just wishful thinking! No, I wasn't. The doctor came in and confirmed that the curve had gone from 15 degrees down to 11 degrees in just 6 months. It was improving. He was shocked, but said to keep her in Yoga and that is exactly what we will be doing.
The bad news that goes with this is the only children's yoga I have found is in Alpine and that is quite the drive. Does anyone know of a more local place that they do children's yoga?

I am figuring out something that I have known all along. I am not the world's nicest mom. I put my kids in timeout, I make them clean their room. I don't always buy them things when we go to the store. I tell them they can live without shoes with skates in them and a DS and pretty much every item they see on TV. They lose computer time, TV time or friends, when they talk back or don't do their chores or are mean to one another. I make them do their homework, and practice the piano.
So when I was doing something this morning and L wanted me to drop everything to open him a can of tuna fish. I said just a minute. Well I was then told what a mean mom I was. So I started to think about it. To a kid I might not seem like the nicest mom, but am I really the world's meanest? So I asked him. Who washes and folds your clothes? Who cooks you dinner every night. Who buys the food and always has an after school snack ready? Who plans playdates, drives you kids to games, lessons, friends houses. Who plans parties, makes crafts, does preschool with you? Guess what his answer to each of those was. MOMMY! So then I asked him again who was the meanest mom in the world. Suddenly I was the best nicest mom in the world. So maybe I am not the nicest always, but I am not doing too bad.