Saturday, December 13, 2008


Clothing stores nowadays are just expensive. I walked into Hollister the other day and could not believe the price they wanted for T-shirts alone. Cute clothes, but come on with this economy why should I pay that much for clothing? I gave a casual look and began to make my way out and that is when the store got me. The scents! Oh the scents! I am not a big perfume person, but I do love body mist. I love Bath and Bodyworks Brown Sugar and Fig, Victoria's Secret used to have a cucumber scent that I was mad about, but today I will add Hollister to my new favorite store to fill my aroma therapy addiction. I have to go back there and try one scent at a time, but I think Laguna Beach is my favorite, at least today anyhow. And how fun is that that all the scents are named after beaches that I have been to? Laguna, LaJolla, Ventura. Great names, wonderful scents, and the price isn't really that much more outrageous than B&BW. And the men's scents are to die for as well. I think I know what D is getting for Valentine's Day. (I already have gotten him more Christmas than I had planned, Drat!)

Oh and PS, D doesn't want me to blog about it, but he got his MBA! Maybe he deserves that scent afterall!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not so Horrible

It is no secret that I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. Firefly is the best ever! So I have to be excited knowing that on December 19th DR HORRIBLES SING ALONG BLOG will be out on DVD. This is not a happy movie, but for some reason it puts me in the best of moods, especially the first act. I probably should be embarrassed to say just how bad I hope I get this for Christmas, but if there was ever something I could count on putting a smile on my face it would be Neil Patrick Harris singing the Laundry Day song. So I know that you each have a weakness, something that might seem idiotic to everyone else, but you can't help but love. I put mine out there, what is yours? Go ahead admit it!