Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Far Away

My Pooh Bear is five. I can't believe that my baby is getting so big! After getting all things Star Wars for Christmas it was no wonder that when asked what type of birthday party he wanted, the answer was STAR WARS!!! The budget came in just under thirty dollars for a party that had 16 kids there. It could have been less, but I went overboard and bought Star Wars Plates and Napkins and Cups. I never do that because the kids just throw them away. I could have saved $10 at least, but oh well, I just need to remember for next time. Here is what we did!

Welcome young warrior to Mos Eisley Cantina.(Have Cantina song playing-downloaded form itunes)Come on in, pull up a chair and find yourself among some of the greatest Jedi Warriors in history. (Jedi coloring page)

You’ve all come here today in an attempt to join in the ranks of great men and women who have come before you. Great men and women who have become Jedi! Come and sit around as your adventure is about to begin. (Have everyone sit in a semi circle)
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. (Start Star Wars theme music-downloaded from itunes, play a for about 20 seconds and then lower into background music) A group of brave warriors gathered together with the hope of becoming Jedi knights. But the Evil Darth Vader had taken the force and hidden it. In order for these brave boys and girls to reclaim the force and become Jedi they were required to pass a series of tests. Who among you will help bring the force back?
*Your first task is learning to know your friend from your enemies. Before you are several pictures. You must listen to clues about each one and guess who it is I am talking about. Then you must decide if they are friend or foe. (Who am I game-here I printed pictures of different characters from Star Wars and made up 3 age appropriate clues for them. You can find info on each character at Wikipedia.)
*Good Job Jedi trainees. You are now ready to learn the art of disguise. In order to infiltrate the Death Star you must learn to act like Storm Troopers. The best way to do this is by learning to move as they would. (Have everyone march to the Imperial March-downloaded from itunes).

*Now you can get on the Death Star, but once aboard you must be ready to fight. In battle every Jedi needs a Light Saber. (make balloon light sabers/swords and teach kids how to fight--My girls got balloon making kits for Christmas and were eager to try them out. Online you can find how to make light sabers, but it takes a lot of time and work so the girls just made swords.)
*But wait brave trainees, we must escape. Everyone man your battle cruisers and fly away! (Have kids fly around like spaceships)
*Quick! We can hide in that Asteroid over there (living room). Whew, we are safe, but Darth Vader still has the force. Luckily I managed to find a clue to where he has hidden it. A Jedi must not only be strong, he or she must also be smart. Can you help me figure out the clues that will lead us to the force? (treasure hunt, ends with each child getting a star wars bag filled with stickers and candy- you can also use a pinata or just have a bowl of candy, but I split it all before hand so each bag would be equal and no one would feel bad.)

*Congratulations you did it! You are now official Jedi Knights! (Give Each child a Jedi Certificate and shake their hand)
*Jedi’s must eat to keep up their strength. Come Jedi’s to the Mos Eisley Cantina for cake and drinks!

*Open Presents.

Dressing up was optional, but the girls were aliens (who looked more like punk rockers) L was Obi-Wan, we had a Darth Vader, an R2D2 and another Jedi knight. But everyone had fun. L had a great time and loved the Hot Wheels bike we got him. I think Mommy is the only one who had a hard time with her baby growing up so fast! Happy Birthday little man! I love you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

LTUE, Richard Hatch, and President Cup Champions!!!

So this past weekend I got to go to Life, the Universe, and Everything at BYU. It is the longest running student organized science fiction and fantasy symposium in the US. I have been attending for the past three years and have loved every minute of it. Not only is it actually within driving range, but it is FREE to attend. Bonus and Bonus. There were some great workshops. I especially got a lot out of Dan Wells on Pacing and Story Structure. I love that LTUE is right after my birthday because that means I always have a stack of books that I can get signed, which makes me a big fan girl I know, but it is so much fun to meet writers I admire.
This year however, my big fan girl moment didn't come from an author (well I take that back, he is an author of several books) but from the man I had a huge crush on growing up. Richard Hatch...Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica. He also plays Tom Zarek on the new Battlestar, but he will forever be Apollo to me. I must thank my friends Chris, and Garrett for lending me a camera and being my photographer as I had the biggest fan girl moment of my life. I know I am a nerd. But really, he gave an awesome workshop that was very inspirational.

M's team won the President's Cup In st. George this weekend against Crossfire, the team that they lost to in a shootout this Fall at the Sparta Cup. This time they took the title of number one team in Utah for their division in a 3-1 game. I am so proud of all the work that she has put forth. This team has been amazing for her, not only to help her soccer game, but also to teach her how to work as a team, making great friends, learning to listen to instructions, I could go on and on. Way to go M and way to go Lightning FC!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

There she is.....

Miss America made an appearance at our house Saturday night. Well actually, 4 Miss America's and one Mr. Universe!!! The girls each had a friend over to watch the Miss America pageant on TLC. We started the night with Pizza and Cream Soda. Then we decorated Cupcakes. After that I gave each girl a form with the pictures of all 53 contestants and they got to pick their top 15, top 10 and top 5. As well as Best Spray on Tan, Worst dress, number of red dresses, number of wardrobe malfunctions, and did anyone trip? (The answer to that is yes, but she caught herself). The girls had fun cheering for their favorites, changing into swimsuits and ballgowns, and of course they loved the talent competition. When they changed into swimsuits, L had to join in and so he became MR. Universe.
We also made foam crowns with glitter stickers and markers. By the end the girls were pulling for Texas and Hawaii. There was a little silence when Virginia won, but then they started saying, well she did do this well or her dress was nice. It was so funny.
While we waited for the friends to be picked up we played SINGIT on the Wii since C got that for her birthday. I think all the girls were Miss Americas, but if that doesn't pan out, it turns out we may have a few American Idols on our hands!