Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First just want to give a big thanks to everyone for making me feel better about moving. I do have great friends!

So yesterday I was talking to one of those great friends and we talked for about 10 minutes before we realized that the actor and show she was telling me about was a different actor and show than I thought she was talking about. Then we had a good laugh. Now normally we understand each other pretty well, but once in a while we end up being on totally different pages. This experience yesterday made me think of my favorite time that Aly (yes, I am pointing you out) and I misunderstood each other.

It was the week that we got to go Orson Scott Card's Literary bootcamp. Now imagine how much fun we were having...getting to be with your best friend, not having to worry about kid or housework, or anything but writing! So Card had given us an assignment to go out in the world and find 3 story ideas. One from going to a book store or library. One from interviewing a stranger, and, one from our surroundings. Well the story idea that I had found was about a man that was found off the coast of England and was said to be a merman.
So we were brainstorming this idea and had come up with some good ideas to expand on this (Aly is the worlds best brianstormer). Than I began to talk about OSC and his writing. Well Aly was still brainstorming my stroy idea and said to me..."I wonder if he was a feral child" since I was now focused on Card the first thing out of my mouth was shock. "Why would you say that?" To which she began to respond of how maybe he had been abandoned by his family and on and on. Well as usual, by the time we realized she was talking about the Merman and I was talking about OSC we had a good laugh. But even better was after I wrote my story and then I got to tell OSC about our little misunderstanding.

Okay so this might not make much sense, but I wanted to write it down, not that I think I will ever forget it, but it just goes to show, sometimes two people, no matter how well they know each other can be speaking to one another but having totally different conversations. Has this ever happened to you?


Jennifer said...

It has, and I usually make something up to feel better about it, but that ends up making me look like a fool. Oh well. Is Aly almost done with Moonlight?

The Christensen's said...

are you serious that happens to me and Bryan every day!!! Ha! Fun story and I know it is the best when you are feeling bad about a certain situation to think about all the great friends we do have!!! way to be positive!

kingwritergirl said...

LOL!! You knwo it's great when just reading this makes me laugh. The best part about it was Scott's reaction! I'm pretty sure he actully considered that maybe he was a ferral child, (he was totally kidding of course) Ah... good times! Who knew misunderstanding could be so awesome