Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Fun

So L turned four. I can hardly believe it, he is getting so big. It is strange to see that he is not a baby anymore, although he will always be my baby. So for the past several months he has been telling everyone that he was going to have a go Diego Go party. And that is exactly what he had. I have to admit when it comes to planning my kids parties I am a bit of a freak. For one thing, I always have to have a theme. For another thing, I have to do it for as little money as possible. I just don't think I could have an expensive party for my kids. Not that I skimp, it is just a pride thing almost. Can I have this party for under $25? And that is what I did with L. For Under $25 we had cupcakes in diego wrappers, diego plates and diego cups with chocolate milk. I made 10 gift bags with candy and a deck of diego playing cards for each kid, I bought balloons, a table cloth, candles for the cake. We started the party out making toilet paper telescopes for all the rescue rangers and then set off on a scavenger hunt to find the lost lion cubs. The entire hour was filled with fun, no tears, and little stress. It was another hit. I say another because (and here I have to thank Aly because I could never do any of this without her, and this next comment I am about to reveal was given to both of us) at M's 8 year old 80's surprise party Aly and I had several of the neighborhood girls tell us we should be party planners. So not to brag, but if you ever want to have a fun cheap party, just give me a theme and I will be glad to help you out (of course I may have to run the ideas by Aly for good measure, but that's what friends are for.)
Oh and just so you know, L may be four now, but he still run around in just his undies! How am I ever going to keep clothes on this kid?
So now I get to relax until August when I have another party to plan...Got any ideas Aly? I bet I can do it for pretty cheap!!!!


The Christensen's said...

How fun...and yes please I will probably be needing some help with Birthday parties in the future...i think I might have already said, but the one party I did plan was extreamly expensive, stressful, and over planned...I need your help badly!

Juliana said...

How fun! Thanks for inviting "twins" to the party. They loved it and it was a great diversion. :) :)

kingwritergirl said...

I do have to say that Sabine is the QUEEN of planning fun cheap parties. I'm great about executing them, but the planning is all Sabine's magic. And beleive me. you can have a $50 budget and she will give you an awesome party for just $30! That woman is AMAZING!

Dani said...

I spend WAY too much money on parties, so I sure could use some advice! What a cute Deigo party. You are such a fun mom!