Monday, February 16, 2009

What kind of Kung Fu are you?

So last night for family night we watched Kung Fu Panda (which is awesome on Blu-ray). My children especially C and L like to choose a character they are in the movie and then remind us the whole way through. So we all picked which one of the kung fu fighters we were at the start of the show. When the movie ended we were looking through the special features and after dancing several times to the music video of "Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting" we found a quiz we could take that told you what kind of fighter you are. It asked questions about your fav subject in school, what you like most about yourself, fav type of pet. Basically it was a personality test. At the end it matched you to your character. So D was the first to take the test and he ended up being a Tiger just like he had earlier claimed he was. I took the test next and was a Crane, just like I had picked. Then each of the kids took it and wouldn't you know it, they each turned out to be the character they had originally chosen. M was a monkey, C was a viper and L was of course a Panda. I just thought it was funny that it matched each of us perfect to the one we already decided we were going to be. So go watch the show(it was worth it) and then find out what type of Kung Fu you are.

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A note from Grandma K said...

That is a most creative way to watch a show. I can't wait to get my grandchildren over here to try it! Very fun to know. Thanks!