Monday, February 2, 2009

Here is to 33!

In celebration of my 33rd birthday I thought I would post 33 things I want to accomplish in this 33rd year of my life. These are in no order, just as they are floating around in my head.
1. Read the Doctrine and Covenants.
2. Get in Shape.
3. Make prayer time more meaningful.
4. Write a book.
5. Get something published.
6. Go to some writing conferences.
7. See the new x-men movie at the midnight showing. (This is a tradition for me)
8. Get more food storage.
9. Be a better flosser.
10. Remember to wash my face every night!
11. Read everyday to my kids (I am great about week days, it is weekends that kill me)
12. Go back to school, for at least one class.
13. Make one friend in my new ward (I am a loser and after a month still no one talks to me. I promise I shower every Sunday, I miss my old ward!)
14. Read 55 books this year. (I read 54 last year!)
15. Make some of those books non-fiction.
16. Spend quality time with each kid each day.
17. Keep my house clean.
18. Help someone.
19. Plant a garden
20. Take my vitamins
21. Take time for me each week.
22. Go on a date with my husband once a week.
23. Make Temple visits a priority.
24. Plan FHE ahead of time.
25. Be a good listener and friend.
26. Write a short story.
27. Get my pictures in order.
28. Save my money.
29. Use a kinder voice.
30. Be active in a writer's group.
31. Learn a song on the piano.
32. Get on a schedule and stick to it.
33. Go up to eat at Bucca di Peppo at least once!

So there you have it. 33 things I want to do this year. Most are attainable, I just have to get in gear and get them done. Some will take more effort than others, but I think all are important. Some more so than others, but hey I am 33 I can do it!


kingwritergirl said...

Awesome list, I need to copy it and hang it on my fridge since most of those things are n my list too! But what's number 33?? Never heard of it

Julie said...

Love your list :) Happy Birthday!

Lenice said...

What a great list. You are a go-getter. It made me sad to read about your new ward. Give it time. Good luck with the "33" list.

Tennille said...

Such a great list. Happy birthday!

Pink Ink said...

Fun! Happy Birthday, Sabine!

#9 made me smile because I floss bordering on OCD.

The Christensen's said...

I really need to do most all of those things too...the kinder voice for sure! Oh my friend...I am so bad with birthday's but Happy Birthday!!! That really needs to be on my make a B-day calander and send Birthday cards.
I really love you and Know that you will do all of those things because you are you!!! Wonderful!

LaurieJ said...

Great list!!
I need to throw in some non-fiction too..
and what is #33?
Hope you had a great b-day!!

Dani said...

Great list... you are really ambitious! You have certainly motivated me! I hope your day was great!

Tricia said...

Happy birthday! What a great list... we miss you over here too, but remember all the changes here. You will do great over there... just relax and be yourself... and yes, inquiring minds want to know what that last one is!

Davis Bigelow said...

I too smiled at the flossing goal. (That's because I should have put it on my goal list too!) I hope you achieve this list of noble goals. Even if you get half of them acomplished, I think you'll be doing great! Thank you for sharing!