Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Write Song

I love writing and I love music, so when I can mix the two then I am always happy. My problem is, there is not a wide range of music I can listen to while I am writing. There are songs that I listen to and then feel inspired to write, but actually writing to them distracts me. And then there is anything by The Killers. They are my muse, my great and ongoing inspiration. They make me want to write, and I can listen to them while I write and still concentrate on my writing. Last night my lovely husband took me to their concert.
It has been a while since I have been to a concert that wasn't at the SCERA SHELL...not that I am dissing the concerts I go to there. I am very fortunate to have my friend and Mother-in-Law, April, get us tickets to all sorts of fun concerts, but this was the first time since I got married 10 years ago that I have been to a big concert. I was so excited and it lived up to every expectation. D was a real trooper. He likes their music just fine, but he doesn't feel the need to listen to them constantly like I do.
The best part was when they sang READ MY MIND. That is my favorite song by them and it is the main inspiration for my novel AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS (BTW=still seeking representation for that one. I guess it would help if I sent it out to some people!!! Soccer has made me a slacker, but come October I am all over sending it out). Hearing that song live was awesome! The other best part of the evening was when they sang Bones. I had heard that song a few times, but it wasn't on my regularly listened to list. But hearing them sing it live, catching phrases I had never really paid attention to totally inspired me for my new novel endeavor (which I am calling ROOM FOR TWO for the time being). I wrote 5,000 words on it last week with a goal of adding 5,000 new words a week. Now after hearing that song I am inspired to write, write, write! SO I guess you could say I have found the write song!
So to Brandon and the rest of the boys I say thank you for a great concert, for songs that make me want to write, and music that makes me want to dance! And to my wonderful D, thanks for sitting through it all and letting me dance like a fool and not say anything about my stupid grin that would not go away except that it made you happy to see how happy I was. Last night was great baby, I love you! Now what? I think I will go write, better get my Killers music out!


Pink Ink said...

I have to admit, I don't know The Killers work. But it sounds like great fun music. Especially if you can WRITE to it.

Glad you had fun at your concert!!

Chris said...

Delighted you found the concert good and a song that you can write to.

Unfortunately I don't really understand 'cause I'm a bloke and we can't really do multi-tasking!

Chris Warren
Author and Freelance Writer
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