Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sliders and Soccer

Soccer camp has been occupying most of our mornings this June. I know they do it early so it isn't so hot, but 8 am everyday? Come on people. It is Summer!!!! I can hardly wait for July! M tried out for competition soccer in May and made a cool team called Lightning FC. She stated 3 v 3 scrimmages this month with her team. They do them twice a week. She is really liking it. On her first day, she came up to me and said, "Mom, I don't just run the whole field with the ball, I actually have to pass. We have positions!" I was laughing so hard. I love the program here, but wish they played a little more seriously at first. We don't even do goalies until U-10. Luckily, M is fast and a great kicker. Her coach has her practicing at home everyday. She has different drills to do. Mostly juggling and working on using her left foot. I bought her some cones and she goes out and practices. Now I think I need to get her a goal.
In July she has a team camp and at the end of July she will be playing in the Strikerfest and then straight into August for the Sparta Cup. Competition for fall starts the end of August so with all the practices, and tournaments she is going to be one very busy little girl for the next few months (she also is still doing piano and rocking at it!!!)

C and L are both doing soccer as well. L is so cute out there in the morning in his orange shorts and bright yellow shirt and socks! I can't miss him. I tried to have him use the girls old cleats, but he is just so much smaller than they were at this age so we had to go buy him some new ones. He loves running and explains to me all the time that right now there are girls on his team (for camp) but when he plays games it is boys only.

C is fast. Last year the thing I noticed about her the most is that she was really good at standing back when all the girls are huddled around kicking at the ball in one group, C just waits and when the ball comes out she is there to take it downfield to the goal. She gets more of the strategy then M did, but wasn't as fast. At least that is what I thought until I saw her this morning. She passed about 12 kids all running pretty fast, just to get in line for her treat at the end. SO I guess if I hang a laffy taffy from the goal post I will have a winner on my hands!!! She is also doing piano and is excited for her first recital. She will be playing Minuet in G.

So last night after M's soccer game, I just didn't have energy to go to book club. Sorry girls. I was so tired. I had a bad case of food poisoning all last week and it really took it out of me. Then I had to get my book ready to give to my mom because I have a June 25th deadline to send it in to a contest and wanted her grammar edits. So I have been up past midnight all week. I just dropped. But on the way home we had to grab something to eat (too tired for BC=too tired to cook). We stopped at Marley's (the restaurant attached to the Harley store). A bit pricey, but the food was good, and the kids had a blast reading all the bottle caps pushed into the tables. They service was super nice though. We got 3 combo meals, but instead of giving us one big drink for the one the kids were sharing, the guy gave us three smaller ones so they wouldn't have to share. He did it without asking, just being aware of our needs. I swear you don't get that much anymore, especially at a burger place.

The kids loved the shoestring fries and the sliders. They were pretty good, and really filling considering their size. I would go again just for the service we had though. It is fun, if you are ever in Lindon you should check it out!


Dani said...

I didn't make it to book group either because I have family in town. I love going, but it seems like there are conflicts too often! I hope that you got some good rest. We have been to Marleys. It's great!

Tricia said...

Yay for competition soccer... you are headed down a very addicting road of watching them play and staying plenty busy. M will do GREAT... it sounds like all of them will! I was so happy to see her at church, but I missed you! *Ü*

Pink Ink said...

My son really wanted to do comp, but we could not even imagine squeezing one more thing into our sked.

I love watching my kids play soccer. Especially when the coach teaches them but doesn't go too intense.

Your kids are so cute!