Sunday, June 1, 2008

To Cut Or Not To Cut, That Is The Question

It has been said that some brave souls in the neighborhood will be cutting their hair in July and donating it to LOCKS OF LOVE. My quest is to find out if I am one of those who will take the plunge into short-hairdom. (And I do mean short!)
My first reaction was, of course I will do it! Several years ago I donated my hair, and have been wanting to do it again. In December I actually cut of 8 inches (which no one even noticed, except my best friend, yes I even had to tell my husband.) At that time I had thought about it, but then I heard they did not take highlighted hair and so I just threw the locks away. Today I have learned that it is hair that has been bleached that they can not accept and that usually means highlighted. So I called my stylist, and found what I thought to be a milestone, more of a pebble...No bleach has ever been used in my hair.
Now I face the next milestone...They must have a minimum of 10 inches. 10 inches folks! That would mean going short. Did I mention SHORT? Yes, I put my hair in a pony tail and measured and it would put this thick brown mass I know as hair up to my ears. That is short!
Here I will rant aimlessly....I really want to do this. I am terrified to go that short. I could wait. But something in me tells me to do it now. My hair grows pretty fast, it will be okay. Could I do anything to get it to grow say an extra inch in the next six weeks? Mint shampoo? Sleeping in a bun? If I hate it how long will the awkward state last? Knowing the cause it is for, should I even care how long it will last?
So here I am shouting out to the world (or the like 10 people who read my blog, thanks guys!) what should I do? For those of you who may not know, I lost my father to Lymphoma Cancer 13 years ago. Every year around Memorial Day I donate money to the America Cancer Society in lieu of buying flowers. This year I just want to do more. What does it matter if I have short hair, knowing someone who has lost all their hair in the fight against cancer has none? I guess the thing is, I know what I should do. But we all need a little push in the right direction sometimes. So I am asking you. Should I cut? And if you have any pictures of super cute do's will you please send them my way (Thanks for the first batch Shelley!)
Hamlet asked... To be or not to be, that is the question. So in true Shakespearean manner I implore you! To cut or not to cut, that is MY question!


Emily said...

Take a picture of where your hair will be when it is cut so we can see how short you are talking about..some definitions of short are not the same to others...are you talking as short as your chin, ears, eyes...:)
I love the meaning behind you doing this. I remember your dad at pageant of the arts, and at your house when we were there! He was a great man! What a great purpose to do it for!

The Christensen's said...

cut it girl!!! You can do it. It is for a good have done short before... and you know what they say. Give a cut two weeks and you will love it. Okay no body say's that but that is my theory.

Jewel Allen said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, and here I am in a roundabout way :-). Ahh, the marvels of technology! I've had long hair before and have cut it way short (like a pixie cut). I usually start from that day to grow it long again. Personally I think long hair makes me feel more like a girl, but short makes me feel more spunky. Sounds like you should take the plunge, if your hair grows so fast anyway. Go for it!

Mariah said...

I say totally do it!! I'm always up for a change & I'd say this is a good excuse. Find something you really like with a short cut & then try it. It's just hair, it will always grow. I think you'd look really cute with a side, sweepy bang and a cute Katie Holmes like bob. Go for it!

Gail said...

I am glad to hear that you are truely considering my offer. I agree with would look great with a short sassy haircut. You wont be alone with short (really short) hair.

Don said...

My wife cut her waist-length hair up to her ears several years ago. Once the shock wore off, I really liked it. And it's a lot easier for her as well.

And yes, she did donate her hair.

Hassingers said...

Do it!! Do it!! There are so many cute short do's now. I think you would look great!!

Beth said...

I can understand your reticence. My hair used to be down to my lower back and then I cut off 12 inches. I had my hair pretty short for a while after that and it looked cute.

My mom always said that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about two weeks.

Remember - your hair can always grow back. Locks of Love only gives your hair to those who have PERMANENT hair loss. Their hair will never ever grow back. Hair is such an intrinsic part or our human identities - just think of what your hair will mean to a little girl in 4th grade.

Sure, I talk big. I kept my hair when I cut it all off. I was ok removing it from my head but giving it away completely was too much. Who knows? *I* might need it myself someday!

kingwritergirl said...

I knwo it's been too long since I've blogged when you have Two posts I haven't read.

Go for short. Totally cut. You will look adroable! And with the rate your hair grows it will be long again by winter!