Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Salad Shakers

Ever since Kami posted the recipe for her Spinach Tortellini Salad, I have found myself craving salads. I love summer if simply for the fact that I can just send D out to the grill every night for one of his amazing recipes. I swear that man has the magic touch when it comes to grilling. He can do anything from chicken, to ribs, to fish, to ham, to...well you get the idea. The only thing is, while he is cooking up the meat, I am left in the kitchen to think up a side dish. Since the whole purpose of having him grill (besides the yummy factor) is that I don't want to heat up the kitchen, Salads usually come to mind. The only problem is, my family gets tired of plain green salad after awhile (not me I love salad). So I am always looking for creative and easy salad side dishes. I can't wait to try out Kami's and in the spirit of that, I thought I would post a recipe for one that I really am liking this year. I won't tag anyone, but if you are in the giving mood, I invite you to share your favorite salad recipe as well. Please help the neighborhood to shake up dinner!

Oriental Coleslaw
3 cups classic coleslaw mix (found in salad section)
1 can Mexi-corn
1 can Mandarin Oranges
1/2 bunch of green onions--chopped

1/2 C mayo
1T lime juice
1T red wine vinegar
1-2T sugar

Mix together and enjoy!


Kami said...

Sounds good! Although I would have to leave the green onions out.

Yay for summer and yummy salads!

P.S. Thanks for the linkage.

kingwritergirl said...

yummy, I have so few summer receipes. i need to get some.