Friday, June 13, 2008

Creative Friends

I think my favorite thing about blogging is being able to see what some of my dear friends from High School are doing. We don't get together often enough (someone better hurry up and have a baby so we can have a shower) but I can still feel like I know what is up with them. They are all so cute and creative, but this blog is for one friend in particular--Emily. I mentioned her once before with her jewelry store Sass and Savvy. She makes all this jewelry and it is super cute. Right now she is having a contest for a free piece since she was recently given a review on SIMPLE. To enter just go to her site and pick three pieces you like, then head on over to the SIMPLE sight to leave a comment. When you see her stuff you are going to hope you are the winner. I know I do! Way to go Emily!


kingwritergirl said...

You are so awsome, I don't keep in touch with anyone from highschool. Very cute jewerly!

Don said...

Hey, Sabine - speaking of creative, you are a Guavalicious winner. Come on by and claim your prize.

stacia said...

yes, she is so talented and i love blogging for the same reasons... by the way, that Fanny's Dream has been one of my all-time favorite children's books, forever... i love it too!!! keep up your writing will happen!!