Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Guys!

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The past few days have always been birthday central around here. When I was growing up we had two weeks of birthdays. The first week in February had my dad, my two sisters, and my birthday. Even when my sister got married, her husband was just two days before hers. So we always had a big celebration then. We used to go to Sizzler when they still gave you a free birthday dinner. We would pay for two and get five free. They stopped doing that. Hmmm I wonder if we had anything to do with that?
My mom and brother had their own little birthday celebration here at the end of June. My brother is one day, my mom the next. Somewhere along the line they might have been on the same day since my mom was born in Germany during WWII and because of the time difference and the Daily Light Savings they had during the war at one time she had a birth certificate for both the 26th and 27th. But in the end, we celebrate her special day on the 27th. Then when my first niece was born she came on my mom's 50th birthday. As our family grew we could not keep up the trend of February or June, but these three need a big happy birthday shout out!
Something about each of them.
My brother S. is 5 years older than me and when he used to babysit when my parents went out of town he would get James Bond movies, Dr. Pepper, and Pizza and all we would do the whole weekend was veg and watch Bond, James Bond! He (my brother, not James :)!) always let me hang out with his friends and would take me places. He never made me feel like a dumb little sister. Happy Birthday Bro!
My mom is the coolest ever! She does everything for me. We celebrated her day yesterday by going to Seven Peaks Water Park, and then having Macaroni Grill, and for desert Magleby's Chocolate Cake! When my mom found out that the agents who were looking at my partial were going to be in Idaho there was no question in her mind what we would do. She offered to drive up there with me and watch the kids. Plus she paid for all the gas! She supports my writing and gives me a lot of encouragement. Plus she has the best use of English Grammar (even with a thick German accent). I have the worlds greatest grammar editor in her (probably should have her review my blog, but there is no time). I love you Mom! Happy 65th!
My little niece just turned 15. When I talked to her last night she said she spent the day playing golf and sleeping. She is on her school's golf team and is super talented. She is also my Sailor Moon buddy. Whenever she sleeps over at my house we watch Sailor Moon until the wee hours of the morning, eating ice cream and drinking cream soda. She is a very talented writer and was on her school's news paper. She has a great imagination. Her favorite part of golf camp was the girl-boy ratio 5 girls 39 boys! She is growing up way too fast. Happy 15th Girl!
I love all of you and hope your days rocked!

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kingwritergirl said...

Happy Birthday Oma, thank you for being such a great mother to my best friend, and taking me on as an adopted daugther

Happy Birthday S, Bond movies and pizza, that's my kind of babysitting!

Happy Birthday S, 15!!! What? How did that happen, your Dad better get his shot gun ready, guys are going to be breaking down your door.