Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer=Vacation? WHATEVER!

Whoever coined the phrase "the carefree days of summer" obviously did not live in our house. As the month of June approached, I made several goals and outlines of things I wanted to have accomplished. Let's just say the month did not start out with a bang as I had hoped. Last Tuesday I was informed by my husband that he would need to leave on his business trip to Green Bay 2 days ahead of schedule since the President was coming to town and all private aviation was going to be grounded while Air Force One was in the area. So Wednesday I got him packed and sent on his way.
School ended on Friday and luckily we got taken on a shopping trip. Unluckily, it took about 5 hours to find clothes to fit my 7 year old. Since she is so tall she has to be in the older kids clothes, and why do they assume that the minute you no longer fit in size 7 you want to look trashy? Hello! Well we did finally find a cute skirt and shirt thanks to The Children's Place. I don't know what I will do when she out grows them.
Friday night I got a nice break as my sister babysit so I could go up the canyon to a baby shower. Much thanks to T for having twins and G for throwing the bash. It was fun, but with both those activities the house managed to get messy, but not cleaned.
Saturday morning added to the mess as I raced around trying to get me and the kids ready for my niece's baptism. We ended up spending most of the day in Alpine. I left the girls at my mom's, but brought home my 14 year old niece for a sleep over that included this and this. Once more no time to clean or write. Then I got a phone call from D saying that the plane he had flown out had been grounded by the FAA for some mechanical probelms and so he had no idea when or how he would be getting home. On Sunday there was church. I teach the 3 year old class, need I say more? After church I had to go exchange kids, since I had neglected to leave car seats with my mom, I got to drive all the way back to Alpine instead of to our usual half way mark. M was not feeling well at all, and we ended up staying there for dinner, not getting home till past 9.
Monday, Soccer camp started. This will consume roughly 14 hours of my week for the next month. Then I had to do Costco where my normal 2 week bill increased by close to $80. Ouch. How can food cost so much? I tried to clean on Monday, really I did. I got my fridge, freezer and pantry clean--nothing noticable though. When it was time for dinner I had to run to Wal-mart to get those extra items that you just can't get at Costco to complete your meals. I was a mess. My kids were a mess. C had dirt all over her face, M was sitting in the cart since she was still feeling so sick, and L had decided to wear snow boots with his shorts. So it would stand to reason that I ran into my MTC Mission Companion and her cute, clean family. The last time we saw each other was 3 years ago at her wedding. After feeling embarrassed beyond compare, I made it home just in time for M to get a high fever and beg me just to hold her. Which of course I did, and I realized as the younger two destroyed the house even more (Still no hubby) how much I rely on her to help me during the day. But a ray of hope shone through the haze of hecticness as Monday night I got a call saying that D was just going to take the airlines home. He came Tuesday morning, but by that time we were at the doctor for a Strep Test for M. It was negative. Turns out she has some highly contagious virus that has no medicine to cure it so she has to just ride it out.
Life is crazy! So there has been no writing, since I can blog and e-mail thorugh distractions, but when it comes to my novel I rarely find the silence I need. But I hope it will get better. Until then, I can continue looking at my list of what I wanted to have happen and imagine that one day I will get a Vacation to get caught up on life. I just have to face it that it probably won't be this summer!


Dani said...

No matter what time of year it is, having a husband gone, lots of things to do, throw in a sick child, and it's a hard time for anyone! I'm afraid that I relate all too well since I have a husband who travels for work a lot. Hang in there! I hope M starts to feel better, and I hope you can find some quiet time for your writing!

kingwritergirl said...

Oh crazy!! I totally agree with writing. I can blog with distractions, but not write. Writing I need time to tottally immerse myself in the story. Hopefully thigns will calm down soon.

Jewel Allen said...

The best uninterrupted writing I've had since summer began was at the car repair place, no kids, where I could not log onto a server. Even when my kids are busy playing, I have a hard time writing without feeling guilty. And blogging has been great, but a big distraction!