Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight for family time we played with pictures on the computer. This is one of the kids favorite pass times. D's Mac is super cool. They can take pictures of themselves with warped faces, or riding on a roller coaster, or underwater. We did the look alike meter and all three kids looked equally like the two of us, but then we went to and we found some post worthy treasures. Here is a little look at what the Berlin family might have looked like in a different time.

Here is D in 1964

M in 1984

C in 1966

L in 1952

And here I am in the year I was born, 1976.

What can I say? Are we a family of lookers or what?


Tricia said...

Super cute! What a fun blog!

The Christensen's said...

That is serioulsy so fun!!! Love it...and I think you look totally hot!

Dani said...

How fun to do it with your kids pictures too. I should give it a try!

kingwritergirl said...

WOW!! You guys are hot.