Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey Writers! Are you ready to be scared?

Halloween might give some a fright, with bats and ghouls roaming around all night. But for writers the day is scarier then many becasue it means tomorrow you have to start your story, even if ideas you don't have any!

Are you ready for NANO? I'm not. I mean, I signed up. I have an idea rolling though my head. I even figured out who the narrator was going to be. Sounds like I am on a roll, right? Wrong! There is just one tiny problem. I have no idea when I am going to find time to write 50,000 words! Oh well, what is the fun of trying if it didn't push you?

So NANO writers here is the deal...
If you are writing every day, you need to write 1,667 words a day to get your 50,000 in. If you are taking a break weekly (5 days off) it is 2,000. Now of course you can do this in lumps or all in one day, but this is your rough estimate. So how about we start with a bang?
For your first 500 words go buy yourself a coke (or your yummy drink of prefrence).
For your 1,000 word goal dig into the kids Halloween candy and pick any treat you want.
And if you hit 1,667 words tomorrow then you get to surf on the computer for 30 minutes!

More golas will be coming. Make sure you post what you are doing here, or somewhere else so you can get the encouragement it is going to take.

Last but not least. I will be trying to type goals as often as possible, but there will be no editing of my blog as all my spare time needs to be focused on my book, so sorry for all the typos. I don't care, I have a book to write.

Remember this is NANOWRIMO...Decemeber is for editing.


kingwritergirl said...

YAY!!! I got in 4,200 words on my first day. Let's hope I can keep the momentum going! Yes, I got a Dr. Pepper! Yes, i got into my kids Halloween candy, and yes I surfed the internet. Thanks for these goals. it makes it so much fun to have an immediate reward.

GO NANO!! Write on!

Pink Ink said...

I think I have my math all wrong. I am skipping Sundays and Thanksgiving, and I still have 2500 as a goal. Now how did that happen??

Thanks for the rewards. Cool idea!