Friday, October 24, 2008


I have been sick this week. It has not been the most fun, as any progress towards getting the house packed and the other house painted have gone down the tube. SO the other night when I was grouchy, D pulled out the computer and casually just put this video on. It was not the first time he has shown it to me, but for some bizarre reason every time the doll hands come out I bust up. Since D and I usually watch a show together on his MAC before bed, he has taken to playing this nightly for me. If you need a little funny in your life go on and watch it. Another bonus is, it's a SNL skit that is actually kid friendly! (Hint, it really starts about a minute in so if you don't want to watch the whole thing drag the timer to 1 minute and start from there) Enjoy!


The Christensen's said...

Okay that was pretty funny...I did crack up at a the hands coming out too! I just wonder how they keep it together doing that kind of stuff...I would be a mess of laughter the whole time!

Meg Stout said...

"That was so... weird!"

Thus spake my daughter.

She's still singing the song and quoting the lines from the skit.

The Christensen's said...

Hey Sabine...I had to have my sister watch it with me on the phone and after I was in tears with laughter...I had to listen to my parents watch and laugh too...I am glad you put this on because I just have had a seriously good laugh!