Monday, October 13, 2008

What is a girl to do?

I love TO-DO lists. In fact, I usually thrive on them. A whole schedule written down mapping out my day. I have even gone as far as assigning a time slot to each thing on my TO-DO list before. Sometimes I tell my kids I am not an octopus, but even as I joke, I still try to be one. But now? Now with having to deal with two homes, one that needs to be kept clean and packed, one that needs to be ripped apart and refinished; three kids, two who have home work, one that wants to do school the entire time the girls are gone, all three who need mommy play time and cuddle time (and a have a mommy that needs that too); the intense desire to write as creative thoughts that have been absent for so long, now seem to be flooding my mind; wanting to edit at least two friends stories that are sitting in my large email pile waiting for me to read them; the email pile itself; having to put together and figure out Halloween costumes; wanting to have Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving like I always try to do; knowing that D is going to be going out of town for a bit; and life in general, I don't know if I dare write all these things down. I am afraid that I will see there is not enough time in the day. I am afraid I need to be at least two octopodes. I'm afraid I need help!
And I know I did just write them down, but with no real specifics, with no real intention of looking at that list again for fear of what might jump out from it and bite me. So, I just am wondering, because I am not superficial enough to think that I am the only woman out there with way to much to do, how do you do it? How do you accomplish everything you need to and want to without going mental? How do you stretch the day to meet all of your demands? And what do you do if you can't? I am sinking in my own TO-DO list and calling on you to tell me: WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?


kingwritergirl said...

I hear ya! And I don't know about everyone else out there, but i certainly can't do half of what I'm suppose to do... but don't worry, things will get better, You won't always have two houses, and I dont' think anyone will care if your apartment falls apart while you focus your energy on your new house.

Also don't be afriad to say no! Cut back on unnecesary things, like editing friends stories, (I know they'll understand) It's not like you will be this busy forever... at least I hope not. Make the house your priority, since once it's done you can better accomplish other things. Let people help you, (like your one friend can take your kids anytime!) I'm talking about me. And if you are still completly overwhemeled, then, just throw everythign away, then you don't have to worry about it anymore ;)


The Christensen's said... first of all...give your self a are doing two of the most stressful and time consuming things in the world...moving and remodeling!!! I hate both of them and they are so not fun...however once you do get all moved and back to your normal list making...I have found a system that is working for me as far as my daily tasks.
Instead of trying to be a crazy maniac and cleaning my house all at once which never happens and then my to do list never gets all of it checks...I have made a chart of the week and what needs to be done on what day.
(ie: Monday, Laundry, whitley preschool,........) I pick one big thing for every day
Laundry- monday
vaccuming- Tuesday
bathrooms- Wednesday
Mop kitchen floor- Thursday
Dusting- Friday
This way once my large task is done all I have to do is all the "little things" on my list...maybe is sounds stupid, but it seems to be working!!! Don't know if that helps.
However nothing is going to help until you are moved...p.S. I didn't clean my house for 4 months before we moved into the new are going to have to deep clean soon anyway so just sit down and write and forget about keeping your house too clean for the moment:)

Juliana said...

Oh I stopped trying a long time ago. I sit here and blog or email while the housework piles up around me. It may not be the "ideal" solution but oh well. :)

Dani said...

I agree that you are in a crazy place right now with trying to get ready to move and remodeling. Some things will just have to wait! Just try to focus on the most pressing things, and hopefully life will get back to normal for you soon! Good luck!

Lenice said...

Baby steps. All those things on your list aren't going anywhere. Just take them one thing at a time.

Pink Ink said...

I make to-do lists all the time. My problem is, I don't do them!

But it makes me feel like I'm doing something :-)

Some days are better than others. You just gotta do the most important things and if some fall by the wayside, don't be too hard on yourself.