Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello my name is....

I love nick names. There is something fun about a special name that you can call your little one and they know mommy gave them that name. M has always been my Minchkineli because when she was little she would have me read YOU ARE SPECIAL over and over again to her. When C was born she had the sqiushyest cheeks ever so she became my Squishy Pie. And when L was born well we called him Poopers as you can imagine why. After awhile I felt bad for that nickname and since he had such a round tummy it was edited into Pooh Bear which he has been ever since.
It wasn't until recently though, that I discovered that he really thinks that is his name. Oh he will answer to his real name, but he never calls himself by that. The other day waiting for C to get out of school we met a nice woman and her dog. L loved the dog and while playing with it, the woman asked him his name..."Pooh Bear" he said. I then tell her his name and he gets mad. "My name is Pooh Bear!"
Last night at dinner he was blessing everyone at the table and when he got to him he said "Bless Pooh Bear". It was so cute. I've always known he was a wild animal, but it doesn't matter, I would not trade my Pooh Bear for anything!

PS 2 more days till Nano. Are you ready? I'm not, but I will make sure to post a reward to give yourself on Saturday, so come have a look and WRITE ON!


Anonymous said...

We called Ryan scrunchy pooh bear.
Shh.. don't tell him I wrote that :-)
He has now graduated to Rhino.

Juliana said...

Elijah's nickname is "Snuggles" and I hope he never outgrows it. :)

Tricia said...

Okay, since we're posting secret names...
Chris is 'topher' or 'tophy' pronounced 'tow-fee'
Katy is 'frooleeloo'
Trevor is 'bodo' with long o's
and Tessa is 'pumpkin' or 'annie'
They all have many, many more though...
I love nicknames too... they are so much more personal, as only certain people are allowed to use them, or uh, know about them.... which you don't, right? (wink)

A Paperback Writer said...

Just don't forget the "poopers" part because when he's a teenager and has a girlfriend, you WILL want to bring it up in front of her in order to keep him humble.
Bringing out the bathtub photos also works.