Saturday, February 23, 2008

Book Review: Odd Thomas

I just finished Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz for the second time. We read it for book club. I enjoyed it as much the second time. Disclaimer, Koontz is not for those of you who can't stand some pretty demented bad guys. But if you are like me, you can see that even though the bad guys are so psychotic it leaves you cold, the good guys are so good that you have to enjoy the book. The character of Odd Thomas is a 19 year old boy who "sees dead people". He lives in a small southern California town and spends his days as a fry cook. The rest of his time he spends helping those who have passed away to move on. His most famous client? Elvis! But despite that, this character cares about people, in a way that makes him completely enduring. There is only one scene in the book that I was not sure about, not scary, just weird and I was never really sure where Koontz was going with it (black room). But the book is a good read and Odd is such a fun character that he has journeyed into two more books. Forever Odd, a little more gruesome than the first book, and Brother Odd, which is completely delightful. I would give Odd five stars! PS This book is not for kids or the faint of heart!

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