Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear Any one who actually reads this,

Life comes at you fast. Going to school full time, working part time, being a complete and total soccer mom, and trying to write takes up a lot of time and blogging falls by the side of the road. I can't promise that is going to change, but I am going to try. I have been posting my dieting success on the blog Pushing Past the Pounds so if your interested in seeing my journey go there. I am 35 pounds down on my 50 pound goal since February, so I am pretty happy with that.
As for the writing, which is the real reason to start blogging again. AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS is written and I have officially begun to send it out to agents and publishers and such. A big shout out to my awesome critique groups and my mom and sister for all their line edits. While I am learning the business side of writing, I have not given up on the fun side. I am 10,000 words into a new endeavor that is entertaining me quite thoroughly.
In fact, I need to go get my word count in for the day. I promise I'll try to restart this whole blogging business, but not at the expense of family or word counts! I guess we will see.

Until then,



Juliana said...

Yea for writing! You are amazing and I miss you SO much. Good luck with all the craziness!!

AngryBaker said...

Sounds exciting! And busy. I should spend more time writing and less time baking:) I'll be anxious to see your book progress - seriously cool.

Jena said...

"Far Away" is our song! I mean Jeff and I. I can't wait to read Sky!!