Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spelling Bee and Nano Day 9

I didn't write at all yesterday! After 7 hours of tiling (we didn't finish because the tile saw broke and we spent an hour trying to fix it, then we tried to do pieces with the grinder and that was near impossible, so we finally just set all the pieces that did not need cuts) I came home and sunk into bed and read my book. But, had I written it probably would have been good to start with the word AND, because I obviously can't spell it, or at least I can't type it. I have found more often than naught that I get typing so fast all of my ands become adns. The word is killing me. I have never had that problem before with this particular word, but I am seeing a pattern and trying to be positive I may turn it into a good luck quirk. I had another easy word that I always typed wrong when I was writing AND THE SKY FULL OF STARS. It was FORM, I mean FROM :). That one was actually worse than and because spell check would not catch it. I had to comb my manuscript making sure all my froms were not forms. But I managed to write a whole book with that little problem. I have not had a word haunt me like that again, until now. SO I am wondering if that is a good sign, that because I can't seem to spell adn/and without looking very slowly at each letter, maybe my mind is in mode to write another book. Maybe in my acknowledgements of my books I need to thank the words that messed me up, or maybe I need to just join a spelling bee.
Nano is okay I have just over 8,000 words which is not where I should be, but more than I have written in a long time. Hope all of you who are participating are still keeping strong and for heaven sakes don't erase know who you are :)! Good Luck and look for more mini goals tomorrow!


Tricia said...

I say its a good sign... adn that's an opinion form me. (wink)

Juliana said...

Yes, I know who I am.. but I still insist it had to be done, even if it means I don't "win" NaNo!!

kingwritergirl said...

I have yet to write something where there wasn't a certain, (or several) words that weren't mispelled EVERY TIME!!

adn (and)
fro (for)
form (from)
from (form)
don't' (don't)
cant' (can't)
Xenzues... oh wait, that one IS spelled right ;)

I'm SOOOOO proud of you for writing. Keep up the good work girl.