Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nano a no no...House a go go!

So Nano kinda fell through for me. I did manage almost 20,000 words, but then the housing project began to suck any life force from me. WE have been painting non stop all week I swear. Everyone keeps saying to me. "I painted my whole house in 2 days" or "You're still painting?" It is a little frustrating. We have been working hard, but I have no idea how anyone can 3 tone their entire house when ceilings need 3 coats, rooms are all different colors and they each need 3 coat, baseboards and casings all need 2 coats, doors need 2 coats, and some of the doors are one color on the inside and another on the outside depending on what room they join. It has been insane. I think I have learned my lesson on picking many colors, but it just looks so good that I might not have.
Tonight we finished L's blue wall. That took 4 coats of paint plus the primer. It might have needed more, but after one gallon on one wall we are calling it good. I love it next to the yellow walls and can't wait to get the red trim on. His room really is my most daring room, but it is the room I am also most excited for. I got him one of those city street rugs at Home Depot and he is getting a fire engine bed from his cousin. I can't wait to see it all put together. It will be such a boy room.
M is still having a surf room. Her quilt is getting closer to being done. I will post it here when it is finished. My mom has hand stitched the whole thing. The applique is so cool. I am thankful for a talented mother. I have a Hawaiian message board for her to hang up, but I am still looking for more decorations. Anyone have any good ideas? I thought about doing grass skirts for the windows.
C's room is the easiest since she will be inheriting all of my Mary Engelbreit things. She has curtains, paintings, light switch covers, the works. It will be so bright and cheery (also the name of her trim color). As soon as M's quilt is done, my mom will start on one for C, but even now her blanket has cherries and posies on it so it is already very Mary Engelbreit.
There is still a lot to do and we are not out of the woods yet, but everyday we get a little closer and with any luck we may move in officially the weekend before Christmas! That is all I want this year and it just might happen. At that point I can turn my focus back to writing in my free time, which lets face, as a mother of three I don't have much of, but some is better than nothing. So sorry nano, I flaked out, but just you wait until next year!


kingwritergirl said...

YAY!! Someday you will have a home to live in. I'm so excited to see it.

Sometimes life really is a chair full of bowlies


Let me know when I can watch the kids this week

Dani said...

Remodeling a house is no easy thing... so it's understandable that the writing had to wait! Your kids rooms sound so cute. I'll bet they are so excited to move in!

Julie said...

Wow. I am so impressed with all of the work that you have put into your new home! It will be totally worth it in the end! (And it sounds darling BTW!)

Lenice said...

I want to you post pic's of all your rooms. They sound sooo cute. It was so good to see you at the funeral.

The Christensen's said...

I am so excited to see it is going to be so stinkin' cute! Post pictures soon!

Pink Ink said...

It'll be so worth it! And 20k is nothing to sniff at. Congrats :-)

Tristi Pinkston said...

This progress sounds awesome. Post pictures of all of it, okay?