Monday, November 3, 2008

Nano Day 3

How did you do? I didn't do so hot, but I did listen to Reo Speedwagon and it totally put me in the mood to write. SO Give yourself props for today, and tomorrow lets do some yummy goals. 500 Words. 1 piece of chocolate. 1000 words. 2 pieces of chocolate. 1667 words a jamba juice or another yummy smoothie of your choice. Can you tell my mom just got home from Germany and I have chocolate on the mind? I threw the smoothie in their to get something of nutritional value in my day. Good luck tomorrow. I will be writing to music. I thnk that will help. DO you write to music? If so what inspires you?


Juliana said...

I have to write in absolute silence, or else my concentration is completely broken, the spell is torn and I am no longer in that special little world of my own. :)

kingwritergirl said...

Music in writing does one of two things, it totally distracts me, or I dont' hear it at all because I'm so into "my world" but I do like to have soft classical music going for the mood.

We need to add custard or icecream as an incentive... what about when I get to 6,000 words??? Please?

And don't forget I totally owe you 2,000 words for babysitting my kids :)