Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Earliest Memories

My Visiting Teacher came yesterday and gave me a very good lesson on writing our personal histories. It really got me thinking. When I first returned to writing about three years ago, I was originally going to write a book about missions for sister missionaries. So I sat out writing down every experience I could think of and then I expanded each of those into paragraphs and more. That was the easy part, organizing those into a non fiction book was not easy. That is when I learned that I am a fiction writer. But it was still good because Now I have all those experiences down, but I don't have many other things down. I started thinking what I would put in a book of my life experiences. Starting at the beginning was a logical place. I got the date I was born, the hospital, Weight, height, name...but then where did I go next. So I started thinking of my earliest memories. Not the things I know because someone told me, but pictures I can remember in my head. That was fun. Here is what I came up with. I think (judging from what I have been told) that most of these took place when I was around 4.
*Floating on a tube in a lake with my dad. (Bear Lake I think)

*Sleeping on the floor at American Fork High while my parents worked on the Pageant of the Arts.
*Flying over the North Pole and the Flight Attendant having me look out the window ( still convinced to this day that I saw Santa's work shop)
*Having to turn plane around after going out over Ocean because someone was sick (found out later it was a man having a heart attack)
*Going to the store in Germany and buying Honey Smacks.

*Going to the fair in Germany with my Opa and riding the ponies and getting a big heart shaped cookie.

*Riding a train and being very afraid because my mom told me the robbers would get me if I didn't stay right by her. (Was reminded later this was because she had me all alone and she was running a fever of about 104 and was so sick)

So I guess my earliest memories are of trips I took, and my family. It is nice to remember that, it makes me want to make sure my kids have memorable family outings as well. So what is your earliest memory?


Dani said...

This was fun to read! I'm going to blog about my first memories today too. Thanks for the idea!

kingwritergirl said...

I loved reading this, it makes me wonder, and worry, what my kids earliest memories will be. Let's hope it's something good. I remember being in some kind of a kid seat on the kitchen table and my mom giving me a bottle of red juice.(probably koolaid) and a lady telling her how cute I was. I have no clue how old I was but I think it was in the home I grew up in, which we moved into when I was one and a half. So I was at least that old, and probably older.

Hassingers said...

What great memories. I loved the North pole one. My earliest memory is my mom making me toast and skipping around and around until I was dizzy. We had horrible shag carpet that was orange, brown, and white. I remember it swirling. I was probably around four. Crazy!!