Monday, April 21, 2008

The Calm Before The Storm and Other Random Stuff

So,many of you may have seen Alyson's blog and thought I was a nice friend for wathcing her kids for six hours so she could clean. Well, I am not that nice. I clearly had other motives behind doing so and they were purely selfish. The longer I watch her kids for her one day a week, the longer she has to watch mine for me!!! See I am pure evil, but oh it is so nice! So on Thursday while she had my kids I cleaned my house for a few hours and then got dressed and treated myslef to lunch and a few hours of relaxation here...
Oh How I love Brnes and Noble. Their Cafe has yummy Panini Sandwhiches, delighful scones and muffins, and extra large
Italian Cream Soda's. So I ate and then I plopped myself down in one of their soft cozy chairs and read the first 10 chapters of Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George. AHHHH Relaxation.
Well, then came the storm, nothing bad, just a lot of being on my feet. C. graduated from Pre-school (her's ended earlier due to the college schedule) and so we had to celebrate with her. She wanted to eat at Chick-fil-A, so much fun.
Then M. had the girls on her Soccer team over for a party. We made Mini Pizzas, had lots of suggary concoctions, played games and did Karioke. Lots of fun, lots of screaming girls!
Then I watched Aly's kids so she and her hubby could have an overnight trip. They were pretty good, but going from 3 to 6 especially for an overnighter is a lot of work. H. only managed to get one extra scratch while I was in charge! I handled it very well thanks to my time at B&N. I think that coulld become a guilty habit!
On other notes. My friend Emily is starting her own jewlery business online. It is called Sass and Savvy Jewlery. Here is the link just in time for Mother's Day!

Sass and Savvy

and a photo of some of her work.

And last but not least my friend Tristi tagged me so here are 7 more facts that you might not know about me which is hard since I already did the 100 things.
1.Once at an Amish restaurant in Iowa, I fell off my chair and the guy sitting next to our table looked at me and said "I've really got them falling for me now" (I was 16.)
2.Besides B&N one of my favorite places to sit and read without a care in the world is at D's Aunts house in California. She has the most amazing, secluded private Gardens.
3. I also like waking up at her house and picking Oranges off the tree for fresh juice.
4.I secretly enjoy watching some of the shows on Disney and Nick with my kids. My favorites include...I.Carley and Phil of the Future.
5. I can't waterski, I have tried for years, but I love to Kneeboard.
6. I have a foot fettish and love having my toes pulled! (Much to my hubby's dismay)
7. I named my daughter after a character from Star Trek, My son after a character from Gilmore Girls and my other daughter after a city that was once known as the Murder Capital of the World (only cause my Hubby served a mission there!)


Kami said...

I will have to try the sandwiches there, they sound good.

Eeww... the toe pulling thing. I can't handle it. ;)

kingwritergirl said...

Your girls are too good to pull your toes for you! Hey I'm all about trade offs! I think I'm going to have to do BN this week

Dani said...

You two really have a really good thing going! What a great friendship!

Hassingers said...

Love the trade offs. It is the only way you can get things done with 3 kids. Sounds like a fun filled and busy weekend.

Shannon said...

zOh my heck I would love it if you guys came down. We could plan a really fun day...yeah lets get it planned.

Beth and her Spinrad said...

That is so awesome that you named your kid after a Star Trek character!! We are totally going with "Katherine Kaylar" for our first daughter, after Kathryn Jameway and K'ehleyr, Worf's mate. We will of course be spelling it Kaylar because it is easier to spell.