Saturday, March 1, 2008

Modern Day Johnny Cash

So last month I made a country CD to send to my friend in Germany. With the help of my mom we came up with a bunch of fun songs both new and old. Two of the songs we put on it were Johnny Cash's Walk the Line and Ring of Fire. I made me a copy of the CD as well, but forgot about it. I found it the other day and put it in only to learn that my five year old and my three year old loved the Johnny Cash songs. They made me play them over and over. It was adorable listening to C. singing "Because you're mine, I walk the line" and L. kept on screaming "Fire Song Mommy...Peeaaassss"
Then my Sister-in-Law told me about this kid...Vince Mira who sounds like Johnny Cash. If any of you are Cash fans, or even if you are not you have to check him out on YouTube. He is 15 and pretty amazing to have that deep of a voice. I am new to linking and will try to post the link here. If it doesn't work though, you can go to Youtube and search Vince Mira on Ellen.


Anonymous said...

We are big Cash fans. My kids favorite song is A Boy Named Sue. Not a lot of things are cuter than your little girls yelling out 'My name is do you do! Now you gonna die!' Classic

J Glazier said...

Cash fans here too. My kids beg for "Ring of Fire" I think they know more words to that song than some of their primary songs.

kingwritergirl said...

I didn't even know who Johnny Cash was until Sabine gave me the movie Walk te Line to borrow. It's so cute how C. has been going around lately singing "All my X's live in Texas" well, cute to a point. that song drives me crazy