Friday, March 14, 2008

I am obsessed.

Okay, so maybe we all are. I am sure there is something that everyone does, or loves, or can't live without in each of your lives, but this time I am talking about real obsession! And no, it is not chocolate! It is Sailor Moon. The thing that I find interesting about my obsession is that hello! It is a cartoon (well except for the one season they did in live action.) And no, I did not love it as a child. In fact, I only just recently in the last couple of years became obsessed! As an adult. Thanks Aly! So when did I know I was obsessed with it? Well maybe it was when I stayed up all night watching Season Five because I had to know how it ended. Maybe it was when I found myself crying for cartoon characters. Maybe it was when my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told him Sailor Moon Season Five (can you tell my fav season?) Maybe it was when I saw that Stephenie Meyers was coming in May and tickets will be about 30$ and I thought if I ask for this for Mother's Day this year, then I can't get Sailor Moon Live Action until like Christmas! Maybe it is because courtesy of my 14 year old niece I have pictures of Usagi and Seiya on my writing desk. Or maybe it was last night as I was sitting in the drive thru waiting for my food and I put in my Sailor Moon CD and kept rewinding the song so I could learn every word. Yeah, that might have been the clincher, considering the song is in Japanese and I don't speak Japanese, so all I am doing is learning a sound so I can somewhat sign along to it.
Well now you know. I have a weird obsession with a foreign cartoon about teenage girls who turn into superheros (and sometimes teenage boys who dress like girls when they turn into superheros). So what is your secret obsession? What is something that even though you know it is weird, you just love it to pieces?

And by the way, if you check out Kami's blog she is helping us try to think more green! So My idea to help me be better is to teach my kids about reduse, reuse, recycle. Help them to do more...Maybe even turn off the lights when we are watching Sailor Moon at night, to conserve energy!!! :)


Kami said...

I have never heard of that show.

Good job on the reduce reuse recycle!

kingwritergirl said...

I think most people would love sailor moon too, if they give it a chance. The hard thing with it is you have to watch like three hours before you get hooked. But once your hooked you are hooked! It is one of the most popular Japanimation series ever, that seriously says a lot

I love having someone close to me that appreciates good shows, (and obesses nearly as much as I do)

J Glazier said...

We'll have to check it out, never heard of it.