Friday, October 11, 2013


I love soccer and I love Real Salt Lake. There is nothing like sitting in Rio Titno Stadium and hearing the beautiful word GOOOAAALLLLL!!!! echo through the stands. I love that word, and this week I love it even more. Not only have I made my goal for this week, but I did it three days ahead of schedule. 5,600 words in four days. The big goal is to finish Room for Two by December 12th. Right now I'm feeling really good about reaching that goal. 5,600 is a far cry from 80,000 so maybe I should only be yelling Goal!, but I'm feeling pretty happy right now, so maybe just a gooaall! How are your goals going? Do you have any big plans for Nano? Until next time....WRITE ON!

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Ami Chopine said...

That's awesome! I think you should celebrate everything. My word count goal (1000 words a day on the novel, except Sunday) got stuck a bit this week, but only to some needed world building.