Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Being Wicked

So I have not exactly kept up even when I promised I would. I guess you could say I've been being wicked. So now I will play catch up again. A lot has been going on. M has had two soccer tournaments in a row both of which her team won. The first one she didn't even plan on playing in because my nephew was here from Pennsylvania and we were going to have family time. We did help out with the teams snow cone fundraiser which turned out to be a huge success. On the night before the final game the coach told M she was on the roster and if there was any way that she could come to play in just that one game he would love to have her. She went, she played wickedly, she scored both the goals which in turn made them the winners! Since she usually plays defense this was a sort of big deal!

This past weekend they went up and played in the Park City Extreme Cup. They ended up winning that with a shut out tournament. Over five games they made 38 goals and had no goals scored on them. It was needless to say very wicked.

Speaking of Wicked, last week I took both M and C to see Wicked up at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake. It was amazing. I've seen it once before in LA a few years ago and this was very comparable. Defying Gravity was mine and M's favorite song, and of course, C loved Popular. It was a fun girls night out and much worth the 3 month wait (I got the tickets for Mother's Day).

As for my own wickedness, I am a little behind on my writing, but only a little. The tuition deadline is coming up at work and there just hasn't been much time to write there. I am going to have to start getting up early to get in my word count I think. But I can do it. I have about 30K more words to go, but I have the end scene planned and I pretty much know what I have to do to get there, so from now until August 26 when I want to be done, it is full steam ahead.

The good news is I got another request for a partial so I have two partials out right now on SKY. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Writing ROOM I see how much my writing has improved and I have realized that it is likely it may get out there before SKY does. But SKY is a fun story in a great setting (I love Southern Utah) and it has been holding its own. So if I could get an agent on it before I even start sending ROOM out, that would indeed be wickedly awesome.

Until next time: Have a wicked grand day and WRITE ON!


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