Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writing on

On Friday, after having figured out the bathroom issues well enough for the time being, I came to another drastic halt. I had no way of knowing if she tells her family about the situation or not. Ease dictates that no one knows but her, but logic says Why on Earth would she not tell her family? I was at that lovely little intersection known as Writer's Block. I tried to write on, to not let this one thing stop me, but lets face it, if the family knows I have a whole different story than if they don't know. So I lived life this weekend instead.
On Saturday I spent the morning with Minchkin at a Shaved Ice fundraiser for her team. The results were pretty good. We now have enough to pay for five of the seven tournaments our team has planned for the year. Oh we still have to pay for gas and hotels to get to said tournaments, but the actual tournament fees are taken care of. That night D took bear to the Real Salt Lake Game and Squishy, Minchkin and I had girls night out which included Jason's Deli (thanks to free kids meal coupons from school), The Chocolate (for the girls) and Barnes and Noble of course for Italian Cream Sodas. Then it was home to watch a beloved Disney classic Summer Magic. Old Haily Mills movies are the best! So basically my mind was anywhere but on the next writing stall.
Then Sunday came.
You would think that I worried all day about this problem, but I didn't instead another rejection, and a search for agents to send Sky out to made me step back and take a big look at my first chapter of Sky. Not even just the first chapter, which is pretty good if I do say so, but the first five pages, the ones that really count, the ones that I realized I had a lot of great lines, but it was all back story. A writing no no. So I began to dissect, which I should not be wasting my time on, since it is the first 3 chapters of Sky that I will be workshopping at Worldcon in two weeks. SO now even though I came up with a good idea how to get my information across without back story so much, I am still trying to focus simply on Room and trying to wait for actual author feedback at the Worldcon Workshop. So despite all my efforts to procrastinate on Room, the point is, this week I will be Writing on. (and thanks to a writing group dead line today will be spent submerged in the Room!

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