Sunday, August 14, 2011

Around the Corner

There are so many things coming around the next corner that I am not prepared for. I leave for Worldcon in two days. My bags are not packed, the house is not clean, my final critique is not written nicely (at least I've read the story and done the critique itself). School starts for the kiddos about 8-10 hours after I will be getting home. I need to have them all ready before I go so the first day of school won't be a train wreck. I start school a week later, I am still trying to get into one class that I MUST take or my schooling will be prolonged by another semester. I want to have more, much more, of my rough draft for ROOM finished before school starts. Taking 15 credits will not help me in the field of writing unless I have a strong start before then. So much to do and yet yesterday I spent my morning reading with Bear, watching Minchkin in her soccer tournament, and celebrating my twelfth anniversary to my wonderful husband. It was a wonderful, relaxing day. I wish I could say the same for the next two days, but I have a feeling life is going to be turned upside down. If it were just me, I could handle it, but I have to tread carefully since the kids, especially Squishie don't handle things well when mom gets into turbo mode. I guess that means no writing for the next few days. I will have a whole week of kid free mornings to work on it when I get back. For now I will sign off as Sabine Writer, and turning into my secret identity of Superwoman (if I can find her!)


Jena said...

Go Superwoman! (Can I do anything for you?)

Anonymous said...

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