Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Squishie and her Big Dog

The other night the girls and I were sitting and discussing Germany. Both girls were cuddled up close as I showed the pictures of where we were going, places we would stay, castles, forests, and stores we would be exploring. The excitement was mounting and I could see that both girls were super excited. And then the moment came crashing down as Squishie asked if she needed to pack Big Dog or if she could just carry him onto the plane. Big Dog is her giant, bigger than her, stuffed animal. She loves Big Dog. She drags him around the house. She takes him in the car with her. It broke my heart when I had to tell her that she wasn't going to be able to take Big Dog. I held her for over an hour while she cried, poor thing. I pulled out Mr. Cow and said that he was the right size to take with us, it helped, a bit.
I hate seeing my Squishie so sad, but it made me realize just what a big heart she has. Being the middle child, there are many times when Squish tries my patience, makes me want to pull out my hair, or just lock myself in my room and give Mommy a time out. But with all the feisty spirit that she has, there is a sweet loving side as well. I am so glad to be her mom. I love how smart she is. I love that she comes home from school each day and sings me a song that she has learned. And I love that she loves things--her blanket, her daddy, her big dog, so much. But most of all I love her.


Kazzy said...

She sounds like a tender little one. My missionary son used to be like that about his bunny. LOL

Mendy said...

Ah, the middle child. Mine is particularly.....special:)

Jen said...

Aw, it's so sweet the way littles attach to things!

Nice to "meet" you I followed you over from Tristi's blog. I love your goal of 500-1000 words, 6 days a week, I may just copy you, I think that would be doable for me as well.

Lenice said...

Great story-Germany sounds like such a great experience for you all!