Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Can't Live Without You! Or Can I?

Three weeks ago I was opening my microwave to melt some butter. One push of a button and suddenly the whole thing went dead. I panicked! I ran downstairs and hit the breaker box, trying every single one just in case I missed something (yes, resetting clocks is a pain). The microwave was still dead. I looked around for the plug (it was already in when we bought the house, so I don't know how they installed it) and could not find it. I was without the modern convenience of a nutrient zapping machine! What was I to do?

I figured it would probably not be that much more to get a new one than to call a repair guy, so I told myself, if I could just wait until that night, I could sit and do a few minutes of research and by the next day I would have my old friend back. But of course, as everything in life, I was so busy with homework, and kids, and making dinner--without the microwave, gasp!!!--and soccer, and cleaning, and...Well you get the picture. I was too busy to look at Microwaves. And so it was for the first week, I would look later I told myself. And then after a week went by I began to realize I wasn't missing my modern convenience. The vegetables tasted better when I steamed them on the stove then when I steamed them in the microwave. If I needed to reheat something I just put it into the toaster oven for a minute or two and it came out somehow better. So last week when my husband said "why don't you call and check on a microwave", I just shrugged it off. Why waste the money on something I don't need?

Now don't get me wrong, there are modern day conveniences that I could not live without. I lived in the Philippines for over a year. I cherish my washer and dryer! I wouldn't give up anything in my bathroom, running water, bathtub, toilet. But I have realized that we live in a society that says we have to have everything. And yes, it is nice to have things, but maybe we don't need everything we see just because someone else tells us it is a convenience.

What do you think? Are there somethings you can't live without? Are there somethings you can live without? And are there somethings you think you can't live without until you really think about it? As for me. I don't see my microwave getting fixed any time soon, because it just isn't the priority that I thought it would be.


Kazzy said...

I must admit that I am in complete love with my iPhone. But I could do without a microwave, I think. Also an iron. I could live without that.

Lenice said...

I think I could live w/out the microwave, but my kids probably would struggle. Thanks for making me think!

Chris said...

The first thing this made me think of is how I go through cycles of entitlement. If I want it I just get it. Later, I find stuff that I thought I needed at that time and question what I was thinking.

It would be difficult indeed for me to live without my iPod. I spend an average of 60 minutes in my daily commute. Audiobooks have enabled me to discover books and authors I don't think I would have otherwise.

Mendy said...

I've thought about this a lot over the years. I could easily live without my cellphone. I MUST have the internet. I don't know about the microwave - I think I would miss it the most for defrosting. We went from 2 cars to one 2 years ago and we're fine. I think the thought that I know I can live without stuff (based on said Filipino lifestyle) makes me feel a tiny bit better. As long as I always have hot water to shower in:)