Saturday, August 2, 2008


It is just a book right? A silly little book about a beautiful perfect vampire, a hot and hunky werewolf, and the girl we all love to hate. So what exactly is it about this ultimate series that has people waiting in line over night just to get a wristband to stand in line the following night for a chance to be one of the first people to hold the newest book in the Twilight series, BREAKING DAWN, in their hand? I'm not sure, but that didn't stop me from dragging my kids down to the local bookstore, straight from bed, in their PJ's, no breakfast whatsoever yesterday morning to get that wristband. I'm not a bad mom. I just sorely underestimated the power these books have over the female population. So did the book store. At one point in the wait, an employee came through the line and said they had expected maybe a hundred people to come first thing for wristbands, what they got was well over four hundred people.
After finding a parking spot, gathering blankets and reading material, the kids and I made our way around the building to the back of the store where we finally found a place in line about 200 people back. I have to give it up for the little ones, they are real troopers when it comes to mommy's obsession. For two and a half hours they stood with me in the hot sun for that wristband. And here is the clincher, the thing that really hurt. I ordered my copy off Amazon, the wristband in question was for my 15 year old niece. Had I known what I would have to go through to get her a place in line, I would have just had her reserve two books. As it is, I still have to wait till Monday to get my copy. Ouch!
But we got the wristband, had some breakfast brought to us, and canceled my Visiting Teachers. Was it worth it? I don't know, I will tell you on Monday when I finish the book, but my niece was sure grateful. Last night at 12:20 she had a copy of the book in hand.
But just because my book isn't here yet, does not mean I didn't participate in an evening of pure TWILIGHT fun. I spent the evening with my niece and best friend searching the store for wedding bands, eating frozen custard dedicated to none other than the beautiful Edward (butterscotch and chocolate flakes as opposed to Jacob fans who had chocolate with brownie chunks),playing TWILIGHT TRIVIA ( I made it to the third round), and watching as Alyson strutted her stuff in a competition to name the worst bridesmaid dress (She was a winner of course). It was the ultimate in girls night out which I don't foresee being repeated until December 12th when the TWILIGHT movie comes out. The greatest thing is, I am not alone, there are millions of women out there right now reading or waiting for their book. And from all of us I have a small message to author Stephenie Meyer. We may not be sure what exactly it was you did that turned us into uncontrollable fans, but we are glad you did it!
So whether you are a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob, or can't make up your mind and decided to be Switzerland, I hope you have a TWILIGHTASTIC weekend and don't get bitten too hard by BREAKING DAWN.


Emily said...

Team Edward baby! And yes I have my little copy purchased at costco today for $12.99. Love it...we'll have to chat about it later.

kingwritergirl said...

So much fun! Thank you! And such a great book. i can't wait for you to read it.

The Christensen's said...

So this is a really funny Twilight thought! I have not read the books since I am not a big reader, but I totally judged a girl at the pool the other day because she was reading the first book and I thought in my girl you are only on the first book...who am I to judge I haven't even read them, but everyone that has has read them twice already...I just thought that was funny!

Tristi Pinkston said...

To me, it's so totally obvious . . . Edward, of course!