Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Year Orange Flames

Well the soccer season is officially over, and to celebrate M invited all of the Orange Flames over for an end of the season party. She had a great team this year. It was fun to have her best friend on the team and several other close friends. In addition she made new friends. Each of the girls played their best, and we had a great coach in Dr. Cornish.
For the party we celebrated orange style. We put up orange streamers, and orange balloons. We had an all orange dinner which consisted of Mac and Cheese, Cheetos, Mandarin orange cups, and orange soda. Each girl brought a favorite treat and so we had a table full of candy and someone even brought orange ice cream cups.
Before dinner we had a big sign for the girls to sign and give to Coach Cornish, took turns seeing who could bounce a balloon on their head the most times without it hitting the floor, then we did a soccer word search.
After dinner we played: Don't Forget the Lyrics (A game which took me 7 hours to make, and has been a huge success), we painted orange fingernails, we played a musical version of hot potato with a small soccer ball, then each girl took a turn dancing for our "so you think you can dance" competition, then onto freeze frame, sardines and 20 questions.
We wrapped up three hours of fun with the ice cream cups! The girls seemed to have a blast and it is always nice to have your daughter tell you that you are the coolest mom in the world for letting her have a party. I think that makes all the mess I have to go clean up worth the time and effort put into it.
I am so proud of M for her achievements this year in soccer, she learned to be fast and was a top scorer. Having an Oma from Germany, soccer seems to run in our blood. I am glad M is following in the family passion. Go M and Go Orange Flames!


Dani said...

What a great mom you are to have such a fun party! Way to go Orange Flames!

kingwritergirl said...

Good job Orange Flames!

Hassingers said...

Go Orange Flames!! Hannah was orange this year too. Maybe it is the area. You are a cool mom. Sounds like they all had a blast.

J Glazier said...

What a blast! I love all your party ideas.

Dianna said...

The orange themed food reminds of me of the 4th of July in the Phillipines as we scurried to a tianggi to buy red, white, and blue treats that you could shape into American flags. Of course, that was all you not me (I mainly ate them), but I was delighted to have such a patriotic and creative comp.

Congrats to "M" on a great season!

berlinwritergirl said...

Dianna, Do you remember the Australian flag we tried to make for E. Dawson?