Monday, February 9, 2015

Starting Over

It is never fun to start from the beginning when you thought you were finished with something. But sometimes it is necessary. That is where I am right now. I finished a full draft of my novel Room for Two last year, but there were a few major problems in the plot and it turns out that editing just wasn't cutting it. So I broke down and finally did a full chapter by chapter outline.

And here I am. Staring at a blank file. Ready to rewrite this novel from scratch. 

It is a little nerve wracking. I am, however, looking forward to the challenge. A second write is always refreshing in the fact that I know my characters so much better than I did the first time through. It is amazing how much easier Elle's voice shines through. It is also terrifying because I can't help but think: Is this really the last time I am going to have to rewrite this book?

This is the second time I have chosen to rewrite an entire book from scratch. I claim it is because I am a discovery writer, and in some ways I am, but after outlining this time around I finally see the benefits of nailing down some key points before you start writing with just an idea in mind. Still you gotta do what works for you.

So how about it? Are you an outliner or a write by the seat of your pants type? Whatever gets those words down on paper--best of luck!

Write On!



Caryn Caldwell said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry that you have to start over from scratch, but also excited for you because I know it will make for SUCH a good book! Can't wait to hear what happens with it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You are a trooper for starting over from scratch! I'm already excited to read what you come up with, though, because I know it'll be awesome! :)

I fall in the middle -- a detailed outline feels constricting to me, so I general write down what I want to happen in each third of the book and go from there.

KateBannet said...

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