Friday, February 14, 2014

What’s Your Excuse?

I love to write. I really do. When I am doing it I’m happier. So what happened this week? I could blame it on writer’s block--except last week my writing group gave me some brilliant ideas so that is no good at least until this scene is written. I could blame it on not having time, which would be a lot more realistic. I mean this is my typical day: wake up, make lunches, get the kids going, get myself ready for the day, take kids to school, go to work, lunch is spent going to my class, or running errands, work, pick up kids or take kids to soccer, get home around 7, make dinner, chores, help kids with their homework, get kids to bed, spend some time with my husband, edit, go to sleep around midnight. There, it is therapeutic to write it down (because as you know, I love to write). I am busy, really busy. It's a valid excuse--except it isn't really because lots of writers are busy, and they still write.

And so the question no longer is what’s my excuse? I could come up with those all day long. The question needs to be: How much do you want this? Do I WANT to write? Yes. Do I HATE paying the fee for not writing? Yes. (I owe 2$ to my writer’s group for this week, ouch!) Do I LOVE my story? Yes. Can I get up 30 minutes earlier? Err...okay there it is. This is my excuse. I like my sleep. I like my 8 hours. I want my 8 hours. And so a new question comes into play. Which do I want more? I wish I could say I was willing to set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier each day. Maybe someday I will.

Until that day--15 minutes earlier actually sounds doable. If you think you could wake up 15 minutes earlier to get some writing into your busy day, join me--not really I’ll be in my PJ’s and I won’t have brushed my teeth yet!--but in spirit. It's always easier to do something if you have a friend. So if you need that extra push, know that you are not alone. And hey, when you are ready for that 30 minute push--go ahead and shove me! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Write On!


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