Sunday, April 18, 2010

M's Corner

So M is nine and wanting a blog of her very own. Can you believe how quick these kids grow up? So to help her enter the blogging world I am introducing a new feature here called M's corner. When you see a title with that you can know you are getting the facts straight from the Queen Bee herself! Hope you enjoy and feel free to let M know what you think!


Almost every day I have soccer. The only days I don't are Sunday and Tuesday, which on Tuesdays C has soccer. I'm basically always busy with, soccer, school work, and spending time with my family. My life is so fun even though I don't play with friends often, I still have soccer friends and school friends. I play with them at soccer practice and school. Life for me is as busy as a bee.


April Berlin said...

I think you have "bee"come an awesome girl!

Kazzy said...

This is a fun kind of busy though, huh? Soccer is the best!

memorymaker said...

M, you are an amazing soccer player! It's great that you can do so well at something you love.