Thursday, September 11, 2008


Now that C has started Kindergarten I was surprised at the amount of time needed to do homework each day. In 3rd grade M has to read to me 20 minutes a night, do her spelling words and one sheet of math, plus the occasional extra assignment such as preparing for her upcoming book report. C in Kindergarten has a lot as well. We need to read at least 15 minutes, work on writing for at least 10 minutes and work on math for at least 5 minutes each night, and additional projects for her as well. Now I know that does not seem like a ton, considering my 15 year old niece has about 3 hours a night for 10th grade. But it is a big step for us, with soccer, preparing to move, my being sick, potty training for L, a husband in a Masters course, and life in general. At first I was frustrated with it, but then I realized that homework time was the perfect opportunity to stop the stress of the day and bond with each child. I am having such fun reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane with M and finding words she doesn't know in the dictionary, and working on Math with C plus snuggling for story time, that I actually have invented homework time for L as well. We read, count, and at the dollar store I bought a bunch of Whinnie the Pooh pre-K books for him to do. I work finding out about school and friends into the time and end up getting to spend some great time with each kid while they are learning.
I am learning a lot about my kids by doing homework, so come on and bring it on teachers, I don't mind, its just more time to spend with my little ones!


J Glazier said...

i heart homework too. I love sitting one of one with them and seeing their progress and growth.

Pink Ink said...

My daughter just started junior high and she gets home about an hour earlier than the youngest ones. I love spending that time helping her with her homework. Occasionally, we'll take a break and take the dogs for a walk or do something fun.

Although I must say, some of her math problems are stumpers, and I wish I had some sort of an answer guide!! :-)

Dani said...

I'll admit that some days I hate homework!! There is just so much of it sometimes! But I do love the one on one interaction that comes with it, and I love being amazed at how much they are learning, and I love watching their cute faces as they concentrate. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy it even more!

The Christensen's said...

That is great...maybe I will love it too. You are a great mom to look for the positive.