Friday, July 4, 2008

UVU, Neighborhood of Fire, and the Great Cupcake Debate

It has been an eventful week. On Monday UVSC celebrated its move to UVU and now is an official university. There were a lot of festivities, but the best one was watching D fly over the crowd in one of the three twinstars the aviation department has. The kids sat on the grass and when he came overhead they started yelling "Hi Daddy" It was pretty cool.

On Tuesday we celebrated our neighborhood of fire. Good food, great friends, and the kids had all decorated their for the annual ride around the block. Even little L participated this year. His big wheel was not decorated because he had ripped all the streamers and flags that M had so carefully placed on it. He wanted nothing to do with decorating his bike. But when the moment for the ride came, he was in full force, making it around not just one, but both blocks. He was the last one in, but he did the whole thing by himself. We had a great time until the fireworks. I hate fireworks. I hate my kids having them, I don't mind sitting at a safe distance and watching them, but I hate the worry associated with them. The big problem ones for me are sparklers. This year, after I was told that the previous year people had been giving me bad looks because I had not brought sparklers for my own kids and the neighbors had to share, I broke down and bought some. Never again. It was not the million kids that swarmed me when I pulled them out, they were all cute and polite. I had no problem sharing (as I am sure my neighbors didn't the year before, why do I listen to these guilt trips?), but with that many kids someone was bound to get hurt. Well someone dropped one. It lit my blanket on fire and M trying to help stomp out the flame, lost her flipflop and had the lit sparkler go into her foot instead. Poor thing. I felt so bad because she is a little of a drama queen and so when she said she had been brunt, I assumed it was from one of the sparks and made her walk home wailing in pain while I gathered C and L. Then I got home and washed the burn only to find a nice hole in her foot. She insisted on a Band-aid, and I insisted on lavender oil. Next year I am thinking Glow Sticks!

You may not believe this with my distaste for fireworks, but 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love to make flag cakes, and BBQ and, play outside. When I was in the Philippines on my mission, I was sad because I would miss 2 fourth of July's. I ended up making all the elders candy flags. So when I saw these cupcakes with blue and white sprinkles I just had to get them. They are so sinful, I know, but I had some great justifications of why I had to bring home a package from Costco with 20 extra large cupcakes.

#1...I was being frugal. I had a coupon!
#2...I was being patriotic. They have star sprinkles!
#3... I was being a good mom. My kids beg me all the time to get these cupcakes and for the past year I have been saying no. Now was my time to spoil my kids!
#4...I was helping out the economy by making this purchase. I was doing my American duty by putting my money back into society!

Now tell me, with all those fine things, don't I deserve a cupcake? (or two?)


Pink Ink said...

That's cool you served your mission in the Philippines...where there?

Yesterday, our family watched fireworks. I felt bad not bringing sparklers for my kids, too. Sparklers are usually not a problem, but when I was a kid, someone threw it up in the air and it fell in my shirt, leaving me with a scar to this day.

There's nothing like Philippine-style fireworks, is there?

Sandra Tayler said...

I hated fireworks when my kids were little. I was always in high-anxiety mode trying to keep them all safe. Now my kids are older and I don't mind so much. It is nice to sit back and watch while my teenager lights the fuses. I have to give safety reminders, but I don't have to run around in a panic anymore. (I still hate sparklers though. Whose bad idea was it to give kids super-hot fire on a stick?)

Juliana said...

Oh great. Now I'm craving cupcakes,which normally I don't even like that much! And I was already craving doughnuts from this morning when I *didn't* buy any even though it's Hacken family tradition.

Can I resist splurging or will my brain fixate until I give in?

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of sparklers either. Carlie had one land on her head and give her a big blister one year! Good thing we don't use a lot of hairspay :-) I hope M's foot is feeling better

Dani said...

We don't buy sparklers either, we go for the snaps instead. I agree, who thought that a stick on fire was a great thing to hand a kid? I saw those cupcakes at Costco and they DID look yummy. Eat one for me!!

kingwritergirl said...

Of course I read this post on fast sunday, oh those cupcakes look good. Way to be patriotic! i think it was very wise of you to buy and devour the cupcakes.

I am so sorry about your sparkler experiance! Don't listen to guilt trips, espically if they come from a certain someone. You need to be a duck and let water roll off your back, (that's a metaphor, or is it a simali? But just dont' let thigns people say affect you) :)
I don't really want you to turn into a duck ;)

The Christensen's said...

oh, have not had the sparkler issue yet with my kids...hope I don't because your little story has convinsed me that a fun childhood memory is not a good idea for my own little ones. Of course you should have bought those cupcakes for all of those reasons and for the key reason...I am a mom and I need a cup cake or 3 if you go girl, but I loved your justifications.

Hey we are going to go to the cool pool in Lehi...not sure of the name...but we are going to meet a friend there on friday around 1:00 if you don't have any other plans...we would love for you to come along...let me know and I will get you some details.

crystal said...

I'm so sorry about M's foot and your blanket! That's not supposed to happen!