Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank you Alyson!

Just a big thank you to Alyson for helping me set this up. I have been weary, but have now read all the internet sites on how to keep my blog safe and so I decided to take a plunge. I am now a dolphin in water instead of out!


Holly said...

Always great to hear about new bloggers!!! We'll be checking back often!

Tennille said...


J Glazier said...

Welcome to the blogging world :) I look foward to reading yours. Let me know all the stuff you learned about keeping your blog safe, that worries me too.

berlinwritergirl said...

J, The most important things it said was don't put names of your kids, or pictures of them. Don't memtion where you live (City) Also don't write about places that can connect a stranger to where you live. Like saying: Everyday after school I take my kids to such and such park.
Thant tells someone where you will be, or if they find out where you live, when you won't be there.
Those are the biggies. I thought it would be hard, but if I use initials peole who know me will know who I am talking about and they are the only ones I want reading my stuff anyhow.
A big thing you can do is what most people try to do and only give your blog page to people you know.

Jennifer said...

Welome to the wonderful world of blogging!!